Chapter 27: Everyone Has a Choice to Right (Honest Adolph, Volume III)

Deborah was disappointed to learn that the media were turning their turrets on Adolph. Now that their golden boy had left, they seemed to have little interest in ridiculing Benny Pilder; Honest Adolph, previously known only as a ‘fringe maverick,’ was now consistently demonised day in, day out.
The quality of the commentary never seemed to get any better; nor did it seem to deteriorate. For reasons Deborah could never quite discern, Adolph was hated even more than Benny Pilder. Deborah had already begun to entertain the possibility that all this wall-to-wall on message demonisation might actually boost Adolph, because reverse psychology is often a deeply disruptive force in nomination campaigns; not to mention the actual election itself! However, she was still unsure. ‘A nomination is not an election, and an election is not a nomination,’ she muttered to herself; over, and over, and over, and over, again.
One thing that was striking about the media coverage was its radical inconsistency.
On the one hand, Pilder had flippantly referred to Adams as a ‘strong leader in a tight spot.’ The media then mentioned that the debate had happened shortly after Holocaust Memorial Day, and that because Adams did not descend into campus ‘call out’ culture and note the tastelessly demeaning character of the slur, he had acted weakly, and that Adams’ discretion and civility were not really discretion and civility at all, but merely a tacit way of condoning or excusing Pilder’s crass and vulgar comment.


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Uncouth Act at Remembrance Day Inspires Award-Winning Poem

London Poet Alan Wright has won ‘Poem of the year 2018’ – an impromptu poem recital, inspired by the actions of an uncouth man in the crowd at London’s Remembrance Day.

Wright 52, told Glossy News:

“I was asked to recite a poem at Remembrance Day in London, to honour the sacrifices British soldiers have made in past wars. Her Majesty the Queen and leaders of the main political parties laid down wreaths at the base of the cenotaph, and a two minute’s silence was impeccably observed. Read more Uncouth Act at Remembrance Day Inspires Award-Winning Poem


Glossy News Has Published Our First Book! Never Have I Ever: the Game in Book Form

You know those $30 board games you play that are really wicked and really fun? Yeah, we made our own version, and it’s in book form; and it’s available for $5.99 on the first edition. The second edition promises to cost more; but this one is really fun, superbly clever, and wicked as all-get-out.

It’s the culmination of over a year’s work and we’re really proud of it.

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Chapter 26: Snowflake Stormtroopers (Honest Adolph Volume III)

Saul had not yet heard about the terrible events from last night. He was planning to pay a visit to the Thatchers later in the day; for now, he was commiserating with Adams about his poor showing the previous night.

‘Do you think it is possible, Saul?’ Adolph said.

Saul nodded gently. Read more Chapter 26: Snowflake Stormtroopers (Honest Adolph Volume III)


Chapter 25: Just-So Stories (Honest Adolph, Volume III)

Presidential nominations, generally speaking, go to those with the biggest mouth, and not the greatest intellect or grandest patriotism.

But how far this may be a universal principle is something which, perhaps, remains to be seen. Read more Chapter 25: Just-So Stories (Honest Adolph, Volume III)