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My Fight with the Scale

I’m warning you. Do not purchase smart appliances. First, I bought a smart refrigerator. That was okay, it reminded me when I needed milk, or eggs, or something else. The mistake was buying a smart scale. Now they have both…

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E= FU2

One company’s name tells you that when you reach the “horizon,” they may actually answer your call, but until then, you must deal with their automated chat icon. It is completely worthless other than being concerned that you are having…

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Herbie the Parrot

 I always walk past the pet store on Church Avenue. One day, I finally went in and asked if they had any talking parrots.             “Yes, you’re in luck. Herbie is a talking parrot.”          …

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Schrodinger’s Cat is Envious

            Quarantining is difficult. Wearing a mask is hard. Taking a jab in the arm is annoying. All this just to save your life? Wow, do I feel sorry for you. Not.              You know what is difficult? Being locked…

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