Heavyweight Chris Rock/Will Smith Oscar Bout: 30 Other Potential Blockbuster Hollywood Ring Meetings

— Javier Bardem vs. Nicole Kidman

    [The Ricardos really go at it]

— Martin Sheen vs. Ronald Reagan

   [The liberal and conservative both played Presidents]

— Brad Pitt vs. Billy Bob Thornton

  [A JOLIE match for the heart of Angelina]

— Chris Evans vs. Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson

  [Captain America clashes with G.I. Joe: real political opposites]

— Debbie Reynolds vs. Liz Taylor

  [Would Eddie Fisher really be worth it?]

— Popeye vs. Bluto

    [Impressing Olive Oyl will also earn the spinach in this bout]

— Daniel Radcliffe vs. Ralph Fiennes

   [A rematch: Harry Potter opposing Lord Voldemort]

— Hilary Swank vs. Sylvester Stallone

  [Top of the Card: The Million Dollar Baby against Rocky]

— Jack Nicholson vs. Michael Keaton OR

— Heath Ledger vs. Christian Bale

  [The Joker vies with Batman]

— Roadrunner vs. Wile E. Coyote

   [Classic matchup between speed and guile]

— Frank Sinatra vs. Ernest Borgnine

  [Well, they fought in From Here to Eternity]

— Katie Holmes vs. Nicole Kidman

  [Would both be CRUISEN for a bruising?]

— King Kong vs. Godzilla

  [The GOAT of heavyweight battles?]

— Clint Eastwood vs. Leslie Nielsen

  [Harry “Make my day” Callahan aims at the naked gunner]

— John Wayne vs. Jane Fonda

   [For right and left, Davy Crockett against Hanoi Jane would be fun]

— Charlton Heston vs. Julianne Moore

  [Mr. N.R.A. will gun for anti-weapon supporter]

— Leonardo DiCaprio vs. Daniel Day-Lewis

   [Bloody, like their Gangs of New York Brawls]

— Andy Davis vs. Sid Phillips

    [TOY STORY antagonists will go far beyond play]

— Mia Farrow vs.  Ava Gardner

  [Each will FRANKly “do it my way” to win]

— John Travolta vs. Nicholas Cage

   [An eternal rivalry, initiated in their first Face/Off]

— — Robert Downey, Jr. vs. Michael Keaton

  [Iron Man grapples with the Vulture]

— Debra Messing vs. Gwen Stefani

   [Messing tweeted Stefani to quiet Trump supporter husband, Blake Shelton]

 — Al Pacino vs. Robert De Niro

    [Who will bring the HEAT in this Godfather sanctioned match?]

— Glinda vs. Miss Almira Gulch

   [Which will win? The Good Witch or Wicked Witch of the West?]

— George Clooney vs. James Earl Jones

   [Democrat / Republican grudge contest]

— Jesse Eisenberg [who played Mark Zuckerberg] vs. Al Gore [who played himself]

   [Two combatants fight to determine who really invented the internet]

— Jesse Ventura vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

   [The Terminator matched with the Predator, Guv]

— Halle Berry vs. Anne Hathaway OR

— Lee Meriwether vs. Michelle Pfeiffer

   [Holy Batman: Cat Fights for the Ages!]

— Sylvester vs. Tweety Bird

   [You’d have to be Looney Tunes not to watch]

— Disney vs. Universal OR

— Warner Brothers vs. Fox

  [Studio cage fights in which anything goes]

Author: Ken Hogarty

Ken Hogarty was an English teacher and high school principal in another life. Since, he has had short stories, a memoir, news-features and over twenty satires and comedy pieces published. He lives with his wife Sally near Oakland. [415.760-8045] PO Box 84, Canyon, CA. 94516 Kenhogarty@gmail.com

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