Beggar Arrested For Attempted Choosing

A homeless man was taken into police custody yesterday following an appalling attempt at choosing an item off of the menu in a nearby restaurant. According to police reports, a wealthy man had offered to buy the homeless man (a known beggar) some dinner so that he might not go hungry during the holidays.

Upon sitting down together at a table, the homeless man then made an egregious attempt to order his own food, by pointing his finger at one of the House Entrees, and asking the waiter “how the steak is prepared.”

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Trump Visited By Ghosts Of Anti-Communists Past

He was about to slumber, alone in the White House on this winter’s Christmas Eve. Melania and the boys were in Mar-A-Lago. Congress and a quarter of the Federal workforce was shut down. The few advisers that he still listened to had suggested he not to go to Florida with the rest of the family. With so many Fed employees not working and not having extra money for the holidays, they felt that it would look bad for him to take a vacation at this time. Better to go later after the whole shut-down thing had blown over and no one would be paying attention. He had to stay in D.C. and stew in the juices of the soup he himself had made.

Wearily he prepared himself for bed. As usual, comments from the press criticizing him ran unchecked through his head. He was unable to control or stop them. He lay down in bed and, knowing sleep would not be soon in coming, began his nightly barrage of tweets, mostly focusing on the very disturbances going through his mind.

Thirty minutes later the tweets did their magic and together with the sleeping pill he took he meandered into that realm between waking thoughts and the peace of slumber.

It was this in this dark purgatory of repose that the first apparition appeared. It came first as a disembodied voice- “Ebeneezer……ooops!…….I mean ‘Donald’!……Donald!……..why do you not understand?” Read more Trump Visited By Ghosts Of Anti-Communists Past


It’s a Conspiracy! Bradlee Scott’s Cosmic Squid Handlers are the Real Reason for His ‘Mysterious’ Success…

Remember wacko David Icke and the Lizard Men?

This is the guy that featured at the beginning of that creepy Vinnie Paz conspiracy video!

Former soccer player and current Nu Age conspiracy loon David Icke said the following stirring words: Read more It’s a Conspiracy! Bradlee Scott’s Cosmic Squid Handlers are the Real Reason for His ‘Mysterious’ Success…


3 Bangin’ New Videos: Plus a Sexually Frustrated Troll in the Comments Section! (WTF?!)

I’ve been hustling like for a while, and despite zero budget for ads, YES my video channel IS coming on, although I plan to get some graphics and music intro stuff soon too!
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And most importantly of all: do keep watching!
After these videos, I’ve got something ‘mildly amusing’ (or not?! Depends on your sense of humour, I suppose). I got fapzoned by an Alt-Right troll. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t let me have much fun with him :((((((((((

Wisdom and Love

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Flu Spray Replacement Found Among City Dwelling Homeless population

For many years, the flu vaccine was administered primarily in two ways—via an injection or through a nasal spray. However, many pharmacies and doctors have steered away from the use of the flu spray, and settled almost exclusively on the use of the injection. This shift was due, in large part, to alarmed parents who voiced concerns that the act of ingesting something through the nose could lead to a higher inclination to indulge in nasally administered narcotics later in life

Ironically, these parents failed to recognize that narcotics can also be administered through injections… usually to consume drugs that are both more addicting and harmful. The concerns somehow were limited to the action of ingestion via the nasal cavity and its development into drug usage down the line. Despite there being absolutely no evidence to support these claims, officials in the medical field have still fielded their questions and concerns, and responded amicably.

Lisa Martin, a mother of two elementary students, asserted that, “There was just a small period where we were running out of stuff to complain about. If I’m not constantly questioning the status quo disguised as concern for my child’s well-being, how are people going to know that I actually care about my kids?”

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Walter Tyler, William Blake, Wallace Runnymede: A Short & Pungent Poem!

This site is mainly full of light content.

But every now and then we might have a simply exquisite poetic fancy like this!

The poem is inspired by William Blake, but also by the legendary English folk hero, Wat Tyler; from the inspiring ‘Peasant’s Revolt’ of 1381. Frank Turner’s song, ‘Sons of Liberty,’ also reminds us of this famous man of freedom.

And with no further ado (note the cunning Shakespeare reference!)…

Here is the poem, which was previously published on Medium.

The Beauty of Winchester

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Pelosi Agrees to Trump’s Wall… On One Condition!

The Lego Solution

By Saturday, the day the U.S. government came to a grinding halt, Washington, D.C. long-timer and incoming Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi had “had enough of the wall already.”

We all know how Pelosi feels about “the” Wall. After meeting with Trump and Chuck Schumer over the impending government shut down, she made some kind of statement about Trump’s manhood or something, and then the gloves (or in Pelosi’s case, the earrings) were off, power sunglasses on.

So, while most Americans were trying to decide if they liked the sturdiness-looking wall that costs way more than the slatty-kinda wall, that costs less because it will take less steel to produce and we all know with the prices China is charging us for steel these days… Well, it was a tough decision. I mean, cost consciousness without a soul, or give Americans jobs by allowing them to manufacture steel here so that more steel can be made, not to mention the shipping costs we’d save. Do you know how much it costs to ship enough steel slatty-things from China to build “a wall” from California to Louisiana? Read more Pelosi Agrees to Trump’s Wall… On One Condition!