Beggar Arrested For Attempted Choosing

A homeless man was taken into police custody yesterday following an appalling attempt at choosing an item off of the menu in a nearby restaurant. According to police reports, a wealthy man had offered to buy the homeless man (a known beggar) some dinner so that he might not go hungry during the holidays.

Upon sitting down together at a table, the homeless man then made an egregious attempt to order his own food, by pointing his finger at one of the House Entrees, and asking the waiter “how the steak is prepared.”

Taken aback by the blatant violation of beggar guidelines and regulations, the waiter reportedly questioned the beggar about whether he was seriously attempting to make a choice. The wealthy man who had brought the beggar to the restaurant was similarly perplexed and offended, apologizing on behalf of the beggar before calling the police to report the attempted crime.

Fortunately for the general public, neither the wealthy man nor the establishment in which the beggar had planned to dine gave in to this abhorrent attempt at choice. In a society where beggars can’t be choosers, yet the number of beggars continues to rise, the prohibition of beggars choosing needs to be protected more vigilantly than ever!

Author: MC Cammer