Walter Tyler, William Blake, Wallace Runnymede: A Short & Pungent Poem!

Poetic solitude

This site is mainly full of light content.

But every now and then we might have a simply exquisite poetic fancy like this!

The poem is inspired by William Blake, but also by the legendary English folk hero, Wat Tyler; from the inspiring ‘Peasant’s Revolt’ of 1381. Frank Turner’s song, ‘Sons of Liberty,’ also reminds us of this famous man of freedom.

And with no further ado (note the cunning Shakespeare reference!)…

Here is the poem, which was previously published on Medium…

The Beauty of Winchester

The Law of Winchester is our only guide
Once lost, now found, O great celestial bride!
Jerusalem, the fallen one, pursued beyond the hills
Is now recrowned, our chosen one:
O Albion, it is thee alone performs our will!

All glory to the Common Man!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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