3 Bangin’ New Videos: Plus a Sexually Frustrated Troll in the Comments Section! (WTF?!)

I’ve been hustling like for a while, and despite zero budget for ads, YES my video channel IS coming on, although I plan to get some graphics and music intro stuff soon too!
Thanks so much for all the thumbs-up, comments, shares, email recommendations, word of mouth, and of course, your brilliant WATCHES!
Please do subscribe, and tell your friends as well.
And most importantly of all: do keep watching!
After these videos, I’ve got something ‘mildly amusing’ (or not?! Depends on your sense of humour, I suppose). I got fapzoned by an Alt-Right troll. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t let me have much fun with him :((((((((((

Wisdom and Love

Something more meditative, for the spiritually inclined.

Never forget the things that really matter in life!

This hasn’t got as many views as my other videos, so do have a look!

Intriguing Poetry Taster! How Exciting!

Of course, you could always read the whole poem here

Or better still, buy the book!

Autistic Individualism vs Autistic Groupthink (I): Neurodiversity

Kind of weird to think of autistics, of all people, buying to sectarian groupthink and narrow ideological conformity.

Here’s the ‘Neurodiversity’ brain-death cult, to begin with!

Autistic Individualism vs Autistic Groupthink (II): The Social Model of Disability

Do you like conspiracy theories?

Well, do the militant autism lobby have a treat for you!

Oh wait, I am going to post my video about the militant autism lobby in the next day or two. My bad!

Better subscribe here then, I guess…

And finally…

I just got fapzoned by a sexually frustrated Alt-Right troll.

Watch the video he was actually commenting on, and see what you think of my slinky party kegy yerself!


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