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4K Glossy News PODCAST 033 (3-7-16)

After the burglary, find out the future of the podcast. Did insurance cover the loss? Was there a second break-in attempt? Will the podcast limp along or come back better than ever?

All of this is available in UHD on YouTube by searching “Glossy Podcast” or as an MP3 on iTunes by searching “Glossy News”.

Here are the topics covered in the the March 7th, 2016 4K/UHD podcast. Read the full story


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2016 Presidential Bumper Stickers For The Rest Of Us.


Did anyone else notice that we ultimately are allowed only two choices?

I turned on the TV and thought it was a beauty pageant until I saw Bernie.

Do I really have to wait until after November before I get my regular TV programming back?

Personally, I want Angela Merkel to run. Read the full story


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Trump Riled He’s Not on Anon’s KKK List

Presidential hopeful and media prostitute Donald Trump took to Twitter Thursday evening, erupting at not being included in the Hacktivist organization Anonymous’ KKK list.

The billionaire Trump, whose campaign has revolved around deporting over 11 million illegal aliens if he’s elected President, insisted that he was deliberately omitted from the list in an attempt by Anonymous to attack his character. Read the full story


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Same Sex Jail Romance Leads to Kentucky Clerk’s Change of Heart

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, who refused to issue gay marriage licenses and was taken into federal custody for contempt of court, has posted bond and been released after having a change of heart in jail.

After experiencing what she called a quasi-religious experience with her female cell mate, Davis returned to her job, her cheeks flushed and a smile spread across her formerly dumpy disposition. Read the full story


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Obama Renames Mount McKinley “Caitlyn”

President Obama announced this Sunday that he is officially changing the name of Mount McKinley in Alaska, to Caitlyn, via his 1, 079th executive order since taking office in 2009.

The mountain formally known as McKinley, at 20,320 feet, is the tallest in North America, and has been referred to in the feminine by Alaskans for years. Caitlyn is an Athabascan word that means, “the highest mountain without a peak.” Read the full story


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Trump to Open Chain of Children’s Casinos

Free-market capitalist and cranial gopher rescue haven Donald Trump has announced this week that he’ll open a new line of casinos aimed squarely at the children’s market.

Many see this as a provocative, or even illegal move, but since all planned locations will be on floating river barges or tribal land, and they plan to file as 501(c)(4) “social welfare organizations,” they are expected to avoid legal scrutiny. Read the full story


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Liberals Demand Trump Produce Birth Certificate to Prove He’s Not a Space Alien

An independent group of concerned citizens is demanding that Donald Trump make his birth certificate public to prove that he is not really a space alien from another planet.

Concerns from the United Citizens Group For Raising A Fuss has been voicing doubts about the mega-billionaire, saying that Trump continually exhibits signs that he is not really from planet Earth.

The United Citizens Group For Raising A Fuss (which I am going to do us a favor and call the UCGFRAF from now on to save us all eyestrain) cites the non-human hair follicles that Mr. Trump sports on top of his head as proof, and suspect that this is the actual alien and that the rest of the body is just a humanoid mock-up to make him fit in better with the rest of us. Read the full story


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Trump to Host Romney Bacon-Wrapped Foie Gras Dinner Fundraiser

TRUMP TOWER, NYC —GlossyNews The final logistics for “Trump’s Huge Gourmet Dinner to Fund Gov. Romney” have been released. The Donald announced that “on landing at Kennedy the fortunate attendees – the chosen folk – will receive free post-flight ground transportation in the Trump vehicle, a personal guided tour and overnight stay at the Trump International Hotel & Tower and have a gourmet dinner with me, Donald Trump. And Mitt, of course. How could I ever forget Mitt? I’m hosting his fundraiser dinner! Read the full story


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Trump Killed By Mob; Resurrected By Satan

Enraged at Donald Trump’s failed political career, scores of angry investors screwed out of millions in campaign dollars converged on Trump’s limo outside a district court, pulled him from the vehicle and strangled him to death with his own comb-over. Read the full story


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Mutant 2nd Graders – A Terrifying, Formidable Force

The New York Stock Exchange rose 3,000 points yesterday when news finally reached the floor of mutant second graders taking charge of financial interests in this country.

Investment adviser, William Buffington III was reported hiding in a restroom stall, quivering while stammering, “The little brat just walked up and took my keyboard. I tried to stop him but he threatened me with a windshield wiper blade.” Read the full story


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Trump; “Yuge Deal” Assassinating Osama All Praise to Bush

Humorless comb-over victim Donald Trump, an alleged billionaire by his own self-proclamation, and centerpiece of the NBC ratings basement “Celebrity Apprentice,” has upped his game yet again, going on the offensive against the countless ones of person who insulted him at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Read the full story


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Usama bin Laden, a Touching Eulogy

VARIOUSLY AROUND D.C. — GlossyNews.com Trump is really pissed — he felt that only 8 years of ‘Mission Accomplished’ was not long enough to have any impact. He said, “America needs a real someone to hate.

I thought I had 2012 sealed in a jar with the Birth Certificate issue but that was blown away when he made it public last week. Much to my displeasure, I had to take all the credit for that reveal. But we lost our one best universal hate. All we, as a country, had left to hate was bin Laden — now a dead bin Laden. What’s to hate there?” Read the full story


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