Spin Doctored Quotes from Trump’s “McDreamy” and Other Doctors: Hippocratic or Hypocritical Oath?

By: Dr. Ken Hogarty

Doctor Sean Conley, President Trump’s “Dr. McDreamy” physician, seemed to be spinning for his boss, characterizing the clinically obese POTUS as “slightly overweight” in a Walter Reed briefing.

We think of Doctors as truth tellers, but they are human. While Doctor Martin Luther King is a beacon for his time and ours, on the contrary, legend tells of Doctor Faustus and his pact with the devil.

A misdiagnosis of truth? Spinning truth to serve oneself or another? You can decide from their real, tweaked or imagined quotes below whether these doctors, medical or not, are living out a Hippocratic or Hypocritical oath:

— Doctor Josef Mengele: “I call them solutions rather than prognoses.”

— Doctor Jekyll: “If he be Mr. Hyde, I shall be Mr. Seek.”

— Dr. Evil: “Austin, nothing’s more pathetic than an aging hipster!”

— Doctor Larry Nassar, USA Gymnastics: “Exam table, pommel horse — what’s the diff?”

— Doctor Gregory House: “The Vicodin is for my patients.”

— Doctor “Hawkeye” Pierce: “Suicide is painless, Major Burns.”

— Doctor Henry Kissinger: “Ho Chi Minh is a Soviet stooge, not a nationalist.”

— Doctor Doogie Howser: “I can’t buy beer, but I can prescribe drugs.”

— Doctor John Watson: “Surely, Sherlock, I’d bump up the 7%.”

— Doctor of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas: “Natural reason: Humans? Really?”

— Doc Holliday: “What time at the O.K. Corral, Wyatt?”

— Doctor Spock: “Live long and prosper.”

— Doctor Benjamin Spock: “So youngsters can prosper and live long.”

— Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy: “Another’s dead, Jim. Trek on.”

— Doctor who misdiagnosed Lady Gaga: “You’re too hip for it to break.”

— Doctor Nick from [Simpsons]: “Hi, everybody! Lisa, where’s your dad’s heart?”

— Doctor Sigmund Freud: “Sometimes a dildo is just a dildo.”

— Doctor Hannibal Lecter: “Whenever feasible, one should try to eat the rude.”

— Doctor Strangelove: “Mein Fuhrer, I can walk.”

— Doctor Jonas Salk: “Spurn approved vaccinations? Are they crazy?”

— Doctor Melfi: “No, I don’t think all Sopranos sing.”

— Doctor Doug Ross [ER’s George Clooney]: “Epilepsy? I thought she liked my moves.”

— Doctor Paul Ehrlich: “The magic bullet for a man’s magic bullet.”

— Doctor Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown: “Nobody will ‘Marty McFly’ back to 2020.”

— Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman [Jayne Seymour]: “Better being a Bond girl.”

— Doctor Alfred Kinsey: “Imagine how hot today’s Kinsey Report movie would be.”

— Doctor who misdiagnosed Kelly Clarkson: “2006 Grammy? Big C, not hitting C.”

— Doctor Marie Curie: “Lead-lined coffin isn’t to fend off radioactive-earned hell.”

— Doctor Sheldon Cooper: “Amy: Big Bang, Indeed!”

— Doctor Zhivago: “Our thoughts were other people’s songs – too often Cossacks.”

— Doctor Ron Paul: “Self-destructive Covid-19 stay-at-home orders must end.”

— Dr. Henry Higgins: “I could pass that girl off as a prostitute in three months.”

— Doctor Che Guevara: “Where was my real-life Evita?”

— Doctor Frasier Crane: “I self-medicate with pomposity.”

— Doctor Ben Carson: “They were just speaker fees, hardly amounting to much.”

— Doctor Alan Harper: “I’m not just an outta-whack-back crack.”

— Doctor Jack Kevorkian: “Doctor Death? Condemned criminals can serve humanity.”

— Doctor Galen [Planet of the Apes]: “Dr. Zaius looks down his nose at chimps.”

— Doctor Peter Venkman [Bill Murray in Ghostbusters]: “He slimed me!”

Author: Ken Hogarty

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