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Boy 16, Builds Life-Size Anatomically Correct Girl From Legos

Seattle, Ore. (Glossy News) – Mavis Gillard almost fainted when she opened her son’s bedroom door and caught David Jr. with what appeared to be a naked girl in bed. A first she wanted to scream bloody murder, but on…

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Sarah Palin Takes Aim at Babs Bush, Fires the Crazy Cannon

It is increasingly clear that establishment Republicans don’t have much love for Ms. Sarah Palin. It is also crystal clear that Sarah Palin couldn’t give two rat’s asses if they do or not. In fact, she is going out of…

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Kim Jong Il Earns Enhance Nickname ‘Lil Dick’

North Korea’s bombing of a residential district on a South Korean island this past week has the entire world on edge to see what lies ahead. The United States is already responding to the threat while holding talks with China…

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Mitre Spins as Vatican Does Safety Dance U-Turn

The mother Church of Christendom was roiled this week by excerpts from a new book by Pope Benedict LVMCIII. The book, “Because I said So” has stirred controversy due to several passages wherein the Pontiff clarifies condom use. Somewhere in…

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Brutal Shopping Conditions Force Renaming to Black & Blue Friday

Traditionally, the Friday after Thanksgiving in America has always been known as Black Friday. This is a day when stores open their doors in the wee hours of the morning and offer the deepest discounts on popular items to give…

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TSA Announces Mass-Hiring of Gropey-Santas

The controversy over the patting down of children has prompted the TSA to hire so-called Santas to help with security. Now children will get to sit on Santa’s lap, and he’ll find out if they’ve been naughty, nice or have…

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