Fox News Host Carlson Accuses Meteorologist of Political Bias

Washington, DC- Conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson surprised viewers when he leveled accusations of political bias against Fox News Senior Meteorologist and weekend cohost of Fox and Friends, Rick Reichmuth, during a segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight, last Wednesday night.

For the last segment of the broadcast, Carlson brought in Reichmuth to discuss the effects of Hurricane Willa, which made landfall on the west coast of Mexico, late Tuesday evening. For the first half of the segment, the two hosts appeared amicable as they discussed “the global warming hoax,” accusing both liberal groups and scientists of having a conflict of interest when it came to environmental issues.

“Obviously these people have a vested interest in climate change,” a furious Carlson told his viewers.

“That is true,” Reichmuth added: “These scientists who condemn fossil fuels are the same people who not only developed, but likely own, the patent rights to most of the emerging alternative energy technologies. It seems to me they have quite a bit to gain from this hoax… Financially speaking.”

The two hosts even shared a laugh a few minutes later, when Reichmuth admitted that he hadn’t left the confines of the Fox News Studios for a number of years. “Honestly Tucker, I can’t stand it out there, all that sun, and wind and rain… it’s too unpredictable. I prefer to stay here in the Fox Studios where the temperature is always 62 degrees, and the air is scrubbed and filtered before it’s pumped into the building.”

Carlson concurred, adding, “I too prefer the Fox Studios to the outdoors. From my office window, I have a great view of Washington’s landmarks… And never, ever, has a random person thrown human excrement in my direction while I was inside the studio.”

As the end of the segment drew near, Carlson asked Reichmuth specifically about the status of Hurricane Willa. Reichmuth indicated that he had a graphic to go along with his analysis. That’s when the tone of the broadcast shifted suddenly. As Reichmuth discussed the potential of an ocean swell (which is common with hurricanes and tropical storms), a graphic showing a large wave heading towards Mexico appeared on screen. Carlson suddenly became visibly agitated, and cut off Reichmuth mid-sentence.

“Rick, stop,” Carlson demanded, rising to his feet as he pointed towards the graphic. “What is the meaning of this?”

A befuddled Reichmuth stared at the host and asked, “What do you mean Tucker?”

“This,” Carlson roared pointing a finger directly at his colleague. “This graphic shows a blue wave heading towards Mexico, Rick. A fucking blue wave. Not a red wave, not a purple wave, a fucking blue wave. I don’t know what kind of stunt you’re trying to pull here, Rick, but according to the President the only sweeping waves that are going around these days are RED.”

“But Tucker, the ocean is Blue…” Reichmuth replied, obviously flustered.

Carlson cut him off again. “Bull shit Rick. Bull shit. I’ve been doing this for a long time now, and I know a lie when I see it. I’m on to your little scheme, you liberal scumbag… The ocean is blue, Rick..? Ha. You’re the one who’s fucking Blue!”

As Carlson appeared to rear back with his fist, the show cut to a commercial break, which ran for the last ten minutes of his time slot.

Fox News declined to comment on the incident. Tucker Carlson refused comment via email this morning. I made repeated attempts to reach Rick Reichmuth via his cell phone and through his Fox News email account this morning. Both his phone and email have been disconnected.

Author: Fort Nag

Ft. Nag is a poet and speculative satirist who lives in Sacramento, CA. "Real News and Fake News have become interchangeable in our world today. This probably won't help. Sorry."

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