Things That People Don’t Think About When They Have Sex or Reproduce!

Let’s talk about sex, have you heard about it? I know Adam and Eve were not created from it, you were, along with every other person that has been on this earth.

To me, it is kind of weird looking at people and thinking, oh they have had sex before especially, when I look at my grandparents. I mean, just walking around in public and seeing new born babies with parents that look like they are still children. I do not know if they need to teach sex education at a younger age, maybe some people should not be parents because they do not teach their kids otherwise, or is it because kids are going to do what they want to do?

Scrolling on Facebook because of boredom and I have no life, I ran across an article about two parents having their children taken away from having a low IQ. From my understanding, one of the children was given back to the parents at ten months old, just four days before Christmas. That is a wonderful miracle, the judge found the couple’s limited cognitive abilities did not make them unfit to parent. The other child is a different story, he was diagnosed with developmental hurdles that the parents might not understand fully. With that situation, I believe there should be some kind of social services that could help with that.

Straying away from the humor of the article, but I am writing things that people don’t think about when they have sex or reproduce. Some people have issues and others do not. Some people have to work hard and others don’t.

There are many people in the world that has had the miracle or blessing of having children, but there are many that are not capable. There is adoption, which is a wonderful choice. Then, there is people that should not have ever been able to conceive. For example crack heads, crack heads that should be called crackie chain for when they fight over drugs, credit to Facebook on that one.

It is horrible that some people with drug addictions have children because some people trade children for drugs, allow other people to do things to their children to pay their debt, or the children are in sex trafficking. There are some functional addicts and the ones that recover. What do people say? Drugs are a disease and others say drugs are a choice.

Have you ever heard of sex positions helping in the gender of the baby? Of course, that is false. I laid on my back because my hemorrhoids weighed me down, or maybe it was my flipped inside out vagina, we will never know. In all honesty, I was not on top and I had a girl, other people were doggy style and had a girl. The gender of the baby is determined upon the X and Y chromosomes.

Whenever a human being has sex and is able to get off and they ejaculate, what color is it? Hell, what color is the penis of the male if he is of the white race? I always thought a penis of a white male was white, but I was proven wrong when I found out my boyfriend had a white and a black penis, we call him Two Tone, he is white. Do not even get me started about fetishes.

I have heard about people soaking tampons in alcohol and putting it in their anal region so they can be consumed by alcohol quicker. If you put drugs in your rectum for it to hit you faster, can a person ejaculate in your ass so you can get pregnant quicker? I wonder if I told someone that if they would believe it, just like you can get pregnant by swallowing or someone needing blinker fluid. You never know, there are some interesting people out there.

Did you know that kissing and having sex with someone can make you fall in love? A chemical, oxytocin is released when having sex, breastfeeding, and childbirth. When that is released it helps you create a bond that is why short-term relationships suck. Maybe people should wait to have sex before marriage, I mean doesn’t the Bible teach that? No, this does not mean practice bestiality by any means.

All in all sex can be a wonderful experience, especially if it results in an orgasm. Men and women both have G-spots right? Sex gives a bond, so people can express their love to one another and it is used to create special miracles. It is amazing how someone just having sex creates a human being that has a perfect form, able to express, learn, and build. I know there is a God just by the wind blowing, creating human bodies just blows it over the top. Every person is unique and if we were all the same, the world would be boring. So everyone of age, please enjoy yourself and take it all in!

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