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Partisan Significance

The system’s broke, Nobody’s interested in fixing it. What a fucking joke, They’re either sycophants or hypocrites. The vitriol you spoke, Evoked partisan belligerence. Highlighting our differences Driving a wedge in between.

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Appalachian Road Trip – THE SEQUEL!!!

NOTE FROM WALLACE: The Rover returns! Long-serving, long-suffering Glossy News humorist rfreed recently went on a road trip in the Appalachian mountains, and posted some memes about it.

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Trump Should Attack Russia to Take Heat off RussiaGate Scandal, Experts Say

WASHINGTON – Politicians and media pundits from both political perspectives have called on President Trump to attack Russia as soon as possible to prove once and for all that he is not colluding with Russia. “The only way for Trump…

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China Officially Adopts Infantilized America in 2047

Dateline: PLAYGROUND 307, Year 2051—The eight hundred remaining adults in the United States are increasingly asking how the Age of Reason become the Age of Babies.

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America Still Greatest Democracy in the World – CNN Poll

ATLANTA – A recent CNN poll of American citizens found that a solid majority (92%) believes that “the United States of America is still the greatest democracy in the world.” Most poll respondents were clearly favorable toward American democracy. Their…

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