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There once was a lady called Tess Closed her eyes and she hoped for the best England expected, but half the cabinet defected Maybe just join Yellow Vests?   There once was an elitist called Cable Who sold out as…

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T-Rex Naughty Dinosaur
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CARTOONS: T-Rex & Me! (Our Great New Graphic Artist, JF!)

A hearty welcome to our new writer and graphic artist, JF! Plenty more to come from him over the next few days. WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH THE BREXIT NEGOTIATIONS??? Rex has recently been assisting Theresa May with the Brexit negotiations.

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GREEN REVOLUTION! New Right-Wing ‘Ecological Diversity’ Agenda

Controversial leaders Theresa May, Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro have heralded a new spring of right-wing environmental consciousness. And for the first time ever, the environment has been made a true populist, anti-elitist cause! But what could possibly be at…

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Brexit Raincheck: How Are Our Most Beloved Politicians Feeling?

Yes, it’s that time of the week when we tell you a little bit about the emotional weather! There have been more faces like thunder and even torrential outbursts than Nigel’s weather report. Jean-Claude Juncker The Cognac Queen is…

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My Exciting New Youtube Channel! Please Subscribe Now! (May MUST Go!)

Whew! Can you believe I finally got my camera working! Turns out I needed the proper camera software; not just the driver! Anyway, it’s finally done now! The picture is actually cleaner than I thought, although not the most vibrant;…

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The Living Death of Theresa May: How Long Can London’s Most Notorious Political Zombie Cling On?

George Osborne notoriously (some would say renownedly!) compared Theresa May to a ‘dead woman walking.’ But it’s worse. It’s far, far worse. People are even comparing her to Anthony Eden, often considered the worst PM in UK history; although Tony…

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