Brexit Disco Classic! Theresa May Little Mix Parody: S/O 2 Mein Ex!

Conservative Party

After Ann Widdecomber’s notorious Strictly Come Dancing disaster, centrist Tory Theresa May pulled a Trudeau with some epic Dad dancing in South Africa.

But the UK’s dancing queen has now gone further, and covered universally respected mainstream girlpop collective Little Mix. Let’s give it all up (and how!) for ‘S/O 2 Mein Ex!’

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This is a shout out to my ex

The Chancellor is full of shit

Brussels, they hurt me I admit

But tell that bitch I’m over it!

Not since Hitlerjunge Quex

Has Germany had such a shitty leader

No more Euros for the parking meter

Red tape gettin’ on my tits!

Guess I should say thank you

To the EU and the fake news

I give zero fucks by the way

No more bent bananas here, I say

Merkel Muss Weg… Hooraaaaaaaaaay!

Shout 2 mah ex, the Brussels Taliban

Broke our economy and made it like Afghanistan

Here’s to mah ex, look at the FTSE now

Our GDP’s on the way up baby

And you’ll never, you’ll never bring us down!

We’ll take control of our finances

And our migration policy

You’re pretty pissed now I can see

Can’t believe you’re still not over me!

But foreign control ain’t legit

Now our country will be free, baby

Now fuck Jean-Claude, Michel and Guy, baby

Now read this declaration… Ohhhh ja!

Shout 2 mah ex, the Brussels Soviet

They ripped and trampled us like a worthless serviette

Here’s to mah ex, look at our country now

We’re heading up to the wide world baby

And you’ll never, you’ll never bring us down!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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