The Enduring Mystery of May… At a Time of National Crisis, Why Choose a WEAK LEADER?!?!?!

Tory Brexit

As Spaffer Johnson continue to reel and giddy-up in his inimitably flamboyant manner, I still wonder sometimes if May was set up. Hard to prove it either way.

Still, it’s almost as if the boy’s club might have come to her and sucked up to her (she comes across to me a bit like ‘well-meaning but dim’ Alice from the Vicar of Dibley, or Father Dougal, or Frank Spencer), so they could later have a ‘fall gal’ to blame for any of the downsides of Brexit that might arise over the course of time!

After all, May was a very odd choice. She is really just a fairly staid bureaucrat who worked with engineering tasks in the Home Office; not a formidable and charismatic political bruiser like Winston Churchill, Dennis Skinner, Margaret Thatcher, or Nye Bevan. Why choose someone like her? Something doesn’t fit.

So, either people were deliberately trying to sabotage Brexit with a weak leader, or else she was set up. May was not necessarily the most malicious of politicans, but she was out of touch, naive, didn’t fully understand the lives of real working people in the UK (although a lot of politicians seem to have that problem), seemingly incapable of playing hardball in negotiations, and just generally out of depth. Either the intention was to sabotage Brexit, or to find a fall girl. Or perhaps people from the Remain and Leave factions both chose her for both these reasons, respectively. They’re not necessarily mutually exclusive, when you think about it…

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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