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Labour Expulsions and Boozhee Anarchy: What Do They Mean by Anti-Capitalism?

Despite it all, the Trots and Tankies trying to infiltrate the Labour Party don’t seem to be having it all their own way in recent times.
At least according to the following article and quote.

On the basis of my experience, only one conclusion can be reached: a section of the right wing of the Labour Party has formed a clandestine network of individuals at all levels of the Party; and this network is working to expel anyone who is organised to fight against capitalism.


But if a word means everything, it means nothing!
I’m not really sure what they mean by anti-capitalist? Read the full story


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Labour Leak #68/9: Controversial Miliband Replacement Short List (2)

Who’s Gonna Fill The Blank?

Nick Griffin: UK. Former British National Party, Goosestepping Eagle-Polisher.


1. Impeccable far left credentials:

Economic centralism. Top-down, statist, collectivist, elitist/populist, authoritarian, general chauvinist. Perfect fit for the Trot SWP/Spartacists, let alone Labour.
Read the full story


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Labour Leak #68/9: Controversial Miliband Replacement Short List (1)

Thought there were no convincing(-ish) short notice candidates to replace Ed Milliband when the last-minute coup occurs?

You were wrong!

Or rather…


(Huh? Anyone? Nah… me neither). Read the full story


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New Labour Stealth Taxes Locked n’ Loaded

Secret Labour stealth taxes – rumoured to have been conjoured and drafted by old rodent features himself – Lord Peter Scandalson – aka Vermin in Ermine – are geared up to be imposed on millions of homes and totally bankrupt the middle classes in the process after the no-hoper dead duck government supposedly sweep the ballot in the next General Election. Read the full story


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PM Gordon Brown Runs Amok – Millions Feared Dead

A most beleaguered Gordon ‘Culpability’ Brown returned to the airwaves today following his previous evening’s TV interview disaster as he tried to end the annual New Labour party conference with at least some portion of the voting public and traditional supporters, sponsors and donors etc still believing he and his cabinet have at least half an idea of how to run the country until they get unanimously voted out of office next year. Read the full story


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