Is Comrade Corbyn Too Extreme… Or Not Extreme Enough?

jihadi jez

I often think of Comrade Corbyn as Blair 2.0.

He hasn’t brought anything new of substance.

Peel away the faux radicalism, and you’ve just got another mediocre, conformist champagne socialist; just like Tony Blair.

It’s not that Corbyn is too different from Blair. It’s more that he’s nowhere near different enough!

He’s just another high-minded, fastidious, coldly sentimental, moralistic, stereotypically ‘privileged white male’ bourgeois socialist.

(Ha! Note the irony. Sorry if I triggered the SJW community with that one. Better ‘check’ my own ‘privilege…’ Hm, my opinion is still correct! Funny that!)

But yes. It ought to be increasingly obvious to all but the chemically insane, that Corbyn doesn’t want to enhance freedom or equality, so much as to keep people in order and make them know their place.

The rich man in his garret

The poor man at his gate

Jez shamed them one and all

He wagged his finger: half a plate!

Everything Corbyn does is shallow, mediocre, pretentious, pompous, moralistic, and has that typical blend of callousness & sentimentalism that is typical of the highminded metropolitan bourgeoisie.

Genial Jez is the ultimate astroturf radical. He is the UK Macron!

The ‘Our Revolution’ of En Marche, resembles the US McResistance.

But the McRevolution, like the stunning events of 1789, has the potential to spread elsewhere…

In a manner as underwhelming, dry, dull and mediocre, as the radicals of late 18th century France were vibrant and audacious.

Jeremy Corbyn’s counterfeit radicalism and benevolent High Tory noblesse oblige is one that, to reword an old saw of UK socialism:

Oowes more to Disney and McDonalds than to less mediocre Labour folk of bygone decades.

Jeremy Corbyn ultimately represents the age-old dissatisfaction of the English middle classes. White imperial guilt and class self-loathing leads them to try to distance themselves from the ‘bad bourgeoisie,’ and become a noble, honorable, civil and decent ‘good burgher.’

Who are they trying to fool?

Smash bourgeois highmindedness!

It’s time for a Cultural Revolution against the high-minded sentimentalism of the stuffy metropolitan Master Class!

Revolution is not a dinner party…

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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