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DON’T MISS ‘EM! A Selective Look at Our Writers & Their Amazing Books

Over the years, Glossy News has had too many amazing authors to count! So it’s really hard to squeeze ’em in. But here are just a few highlights. Don’t forget, please, that our Glossy News satirists have full license to…

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Broadcasting Rules are Killing Political Satire – Thank Heavens for the Internet

Note from Wallace: The following is not my own work, but a republication of another writers’ work from The Conversation. For more details on the author, institution and Creative Commons licence, see the bottom of this article, which I have…

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Please Support Our Hilarious Satire Site! Here’s What You Can Do… Click On!

Despite being run on a shoestring, Glossy News have still managed to get tons of likes… But we need many, many more! Please like our Facebook page; and if you want, you can even change your follow settings to maximum…

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