Bringing Down the Haaaaaaas! Weekly Review: & What’s Coming Next in Satire?!

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Well, what a week it’s been again. A GREAT new book serial from Anthony, and there’s more to come as we go on! Next week…

Wait, there’s more!

As wee Jimmy Cricket used to say, back in the homeland.

(I’m afraid there are probably about like 2 million people or so on earth who understand this joke, but we’ll let it go for now).

Aside from continuing Anthony Rhody’s ‘Does This Stress Make Me Look Fat?’ and the trials and tribulations of the endearingly neurotic protagonist, we’ve also got more stuff from another great writer to come in the next week…

Trumpisms from Richard Selzer! Selzer is an author as well as a guy who posts some pretty funny stuff here. You can find the first six Trumpisms instalments here, with plenty of other funny stuff too!

Finally, the editor has a scandalous new news concept tomorrow, Monday:

Old Babylon Donald acts like he’s on the side of Coronavirus.

But who else might be as well?

Well, we’ll just have to see, won’t we! πŸ˜›

And even this ain’t all…

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