Yet Another Amazing New Book Cover… The Incredible Curmudgeonly Professor!

My satire book ‘Professor Smiggles & the New Intellectual Warfare’ has beautiful, cute new cover!
Just look at the cuddly wise old owl…
Up in the top right corner of this article!
Part one of the book is satire from the curmudgeonly Professor.
Fans of Richard Dawkins, A C Grayling or Jordan Peterson will probably know more or less what to expect!
The good news is, the content has now been expanded, with another story that has never been published in this ebook before; nor indeed any other!
As for the second part, which is an introduction to another novel of mine, I was deeply dissatisfied with that non-fiction text. So I have removed most of that, and I will return to all that later on. For now, part two is much shorter; but perhaps far more effective in terms of introducing you to the Great Flaneur Narrative.
But what’s the Great Flaneur Narrative? Find out in just a few minutes!


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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