Glossy News Satire are Getting There! Join the Comic Revolution!

Our amazing non-partisan humor site, Glossy News Satire, is through the first part and most technologically disruptive part of our site renovation: apologies for the disruption! Any internal disagreements in the site are on the verge of being resolved now. There are many years of great satire for you to explore, just click the search box or contact the editor for advice!

While the finer details of strategy and investment are being hammered out, in order to make the site bigger and better than it’s every been, we’d like to direct you to some recent medical satire by Mark and the best satire and comedy material from 2020.

Whoever you like having fun with, Republicans or Democrats, Tories or Labour, Macron, Xi, Putin, Netanyahu, Sisi, Khan, Bolsonaro, Trudeau, Morrison or more, or any satire and comedy from various intriguing fields like music, religion, science and literature…

Be with us!

It’s going to be AMAZING!

Glad to have you with us!

Thanks to all our great Glossy News readers!

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