The Day Trump Told the TRUTH!

Donald Trump is known for ‘speaking his truth’ all the time.

Pretty wild how this time, Trump truth actually corresponded pretty closely with THE truth!

Last December, not long before the General Election clash between Spaffer Johnson and Jihadi Jez, the Financial Times reported the following punchy, bitter, but ultimately energising words from the Tangerine in Chief:

If you handed [the NHS] to us on a silver platter, we wouldn’t want it… We want nothing to do with it.

Actually, this is one of the things where he probably means it.

Old Babylon Donald knows what profit looks like, and what’s a dead loss.

For my part, I am also not quite so sure what benefit there is for anyone outside this country to invest in a health system with breadqueues for essential surgery a million miles long, and where organs and body tissue depend solely on the good graces of a miniscule number of citizens, because apparently ‘economic exploitation’ is worse than having your mother or father or son or daughter perish from leukemia or a brain tumour.

The UK doesn’t need to go the American way, but we do need to show historical humility and understand that UK’s commitment to the Beveridge Model is a religious commitment posing as a political one.

And it’s not a religion of much long standing or prestige: we have to look objectively at what works and what doesn’t, and at what is moral and true and what isn’t.

We need fresh, creative, original thinking about proper, means tested health care; and we can look at other countries for inspiration.

There are more than two ways of moving beyond the current discredited Cold War fossil we have now.

The NHS is a relic of a distant age that is simply not fit for purpose.

Are we proud that more people are killed by waiting for healthcare, every single day of our lives, than are killed by ISIS???

As always: all views expressed here, for better or worse, are the personal views of the writer and do not represent Glossy News Satire.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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