SCAM ALERT! ‘Pro Religious’ Politicians are NOT a Friend to Religious People!

The dangers of reactionary overshoot: do self-styled populist and conservative politicians who ‘love God’ really want to help religious people?


The word is ‘reactionary overshoot’ and it needs to be discussed. People are flying too high right now and are missing the big picture, morally speaking.

Now, I will be the first to say without hesitation or scruple that there are plenty of things about the UK and much of the world I am not going to miss when they’re gone, and they inevitably will in the very near future; such as eugenical choice, in particular!

But it’s precisely because of such historical inevitabilities that people in religious circles, whether Orthodox Christian, Catholic, Evangelicals, Orthodox Jews, Hindus or whoever it may be, need to beware of current insidious attempts to mass mobilise the religious for the purposes of a mass constitutionalist punishment beating against specific groups.

After being shat all over for decades and indeed centuries by arrogant, materialist elites, the desire for revenge and to demean the demeaners is obviously huge for many in our country and in our world today.

But there is no moral high ground if you simply love those who love you, and do well to those who do well to you.

There is no merit and no virtue in that.

And myself obviously cannot say I will NEVER fall into the temptation to gloat in future, far less that I have never done so.

But there is nothing pious in the vindictive attitudes that are being dangled in front of the various faith traditions as bait.

We can take it as given that the metropolitan elite (UK) or big city coastal elites (USA( are no friends to people of faith.

However, people of ALL religious traditions should be VERY careful about uncritically surrendering to people who are hellbent on flattering us and on promising to help us ‘get one over’ on all the other guys and settle some old, old scores.

How long will it take for ALL to realise, not just SOME, that paying people back for old grudges is an absolutely insane way of legitimising the end of secularism and the relegitimation of faith in the public square?

Look at David French and Sohab Amari.

Two ikons that point beyond themselves…

Where next for the people who find much of the past few decades horrendously disturbing, but have grave concerns about the rising tendency towards a rather different kind of barbarism?


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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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