Random Thoughts (XVII): Alt-Islam, Alt-Right, Alt-Europe!

It’s time to get some more hard-hitting, punching commentary! So if you have any thoughts of your own, on any topic, you know what to do!

Christians, Atheists and Islam

I don’t really agree with the New Atheist movement or anti-theism, but they are doing a much better job at standing for our true values than fake Christians ever will. Some atheists seem to take the extremism deriving from Islam more seriously than many Christians do; I think some Christians, like Pope Francis, secretly (or even unconsciously) desire a post-secular society. Islam is the old enemy who now (ironically) holds out to them the chance to take revenge on a society and a civilisation who rejected Christianity.

People like Condell, Dawkins, Hitchens, whatever their faults and imperfection, are important voices in the struggle against the jihadist menace. Now can we finally have some REAL Christians in Europe who admit that a great deal of Islam today, as in the past, is hostile and hateful to the best of what we have achieved and held? Much of what passes for Islam today and yesterday is very different from Orthodox Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and more. Don’t be fooled by relativism: equal truth no more applies in religion than it does in politics. Some ideas are just wrong, some customs are just wicked, and that is just how it is. Islam is the one religion, as Bill Maher says, that has more bad ideas than the others right now, and in this context, it’s perfectly reasonable to talk more about the faults of Islam than those of other faiths.

Stand with Europe… NOT the EU!

It’s unsettling to see the Franco-Prussian empire openly plotting to create an EU army. The homeless bureaucrats are getting more and more blatant and shameless in their authoritarianism. Our friends in Poland and Hungary have already been invaded millions of times over history: it is important to stand with our fellow Europeans against the homeless bureaucrats! The UK and Italy may have to fight shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe, in order to defend our civilisation! Don’t be afraid: the darkness is only for a season! We will NEVER let the enemies of civilisation gain the victory over our beautiful continent.

The Alternative to ‘Alt-Right’

The disturbing rise of white nationalism / ‘Alt-Right’ is a natural consequence of elitist centrist ideology, and is only to be expected. However, the supposedly ‘radical’ venture of white identity politics is a nonsensical diversion and a purely collectivist gesture; a mere mundane inversion of standard issue leftist identity politics. It is merely yet another tedious social justice ideology, and it doesn’t bring anything new or exciting to the table. It is time to restore our ancient traditions of individualism. Europe can and WILL prevail against identity politics. We did it with the rise of Christianity, and we will do it again!

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Forget the Man in the High Castle, there’s Only One Game in Town for Edgy Alt-History Novels of WWII!

I’ve recently done two chapters bundles of my gripping alternative history novel, Auschwitz in Essex: see bundle 1 and bundle 2 on Patreon.


CHAPTER 1: London is Worth a Mass.

The moon shone glumly over the lonesome spires of London.

A chill breeze filled the air, as every solemn square was filled with trembling, dread anticipation.

A lonely bell or two pealed, in solitude.

Nobody paid attention to such clarion prayers of beauty.

Their attention was upon the wireless.

Could it be true?

Could it possibly be true that Chamberlain was dead?

The crackling, and the fizz.

The first, familiar, tentative coughs.

Prompt, impetuous; almost imperious.

The world was on the edge of their seats.

And not just this pretty, frail and fragile corner of the Grand Unreckoned.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The old familiar drawl; snarling honey, treacled salt.

It  is my great and inestimable displeasure to announce that the recent fog and innuendo of rumours is not, by any means, far from the truth.

I  must not hesitate to break the silence, nonetheless. In such a time of terror and of trauma, the peals of consolation needs must breach the  solemn, autumnal waves of August Albion.

A few grey, old eyes rolled and rumbled at the pretentious diction. Some had heard it all before.

They well knew how ‘those people’ liked to talk.

Mr Neville Chamberlain is, or rather WAS… 

A man of great character, honor, and unimpeachable dignity of spirit.

Myriad maids and mothers immediately broke into inconsolable weeping.

It  is perhaps not by any means to the point, to inquire whether those who  remain, aye, we among the living, are not perhaps also without our stern nobility of spirit, and rigorous concern for justice?

A few scattered shouts of glory.

But glory-seeking must ever ring hollow, at a tremendous time of fear.

Now, my dear compatriots of these islands; permit me to be crystal clear.

The  man, Neville Chamberlain, who you once loved and honoured as a  treasured friend, is no longer among us, here in the land of the living.  But in the valley of the shadow of death, it shall truly be said…


The  confidence trick was surprisingly effective. Old maids and old madams alike swooned over every pounding throb; the wily old Jesuit had  certainly discerned the pulse of the nation. Now that was one thing for  certain!

I hereby announce, with the greatest of sorrow for a  long-departed friend and fellow-traveller, but at the same time, with  the greatest reverence conceivable for the dignity conferred about me, that our revered monarch King George VI has consented to permit his  humble servant, Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, to take the reins of the chariot of Boudicca, at this most inhospitable, and yet most courageous and honorable of ages.

Did he linger rather too long or lovingly over his own name? Read more Forget the Man in the High Castle, there’s Only One Game in Town for Edgy Alt-History Novels of WWII!


NUTTER CORBYN & Creepy Labour Sidekicks Respond to Resurgent Irish Terror Epidemic… But How?!

Fresh from his usual wreath-laying and rampant whataboutery-storms, Jeremy ‘Jihadi Jez‘ Corbyn and Red Ken (or should it be black flag Ken?!) have provided some helpful advice to help to do some damage control…

Now that the IRA are trying to wreak more havoc with their old-school Marxist terror games.

In his usual self-effacing manner, Corbyn humblebrags: Read more NUTTER CORBYN & Creepy Labour Sidekicks Respond to Resurgent Irish Terror Epidemic… But How?!


New Labour Antisemitism OUTRAGE! Britain DISGUSTED by Corbyn’s Pact with RACIST BNP!

Misery loves company…
So why not have an electoral pact between the radical socialist BNP and the radical socialist Labour Party?
What could possibly go wrong?
The recent national/international socialist pact between two of Britain’s most widely-despised borderline Marxist/Hitlerite parties had a sumptuous banquet of Newcastle Brown Ale and quinoa (I bet both parties were pretty pleased then!) But the REAL cat ‘n’ dog meat was the spicy announcements afterwards, as ol’ Corbiebums went out grinning like a not-quite-flayed-to-the-fuckin-marrow-yet Cheshire cat, with Griffin glaring coldly like a cut salmon who’d just undergone some 12 hour sexually-diverse Bullingdon Club initiation ritual with David Cameron.

Mate, we’ve got it sorted!

Nefarious Nick dribbles, wide-eyed, wacko, like some love-stoned Cyclops who can’t find his fabulous-favourite-fabled rock o’ kink. LULZ!

Griffiebaby continues…

Look sweetheart, I always used to think Jeremy Corbyn was, you know, some kind of unpatriotic, disloyal fucking Marxist TRAITOR… But not any more! Because after all… Just like millions of perceptive and widely renowned political geniuses and intellectual leading lights, such as former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke, Hamas, ISIS, Gary Lineker’s genius political commentary stablemate Neville Southall, the “British” Communist Party, Ronnie from Eastenders, the Muslim Brotherhood, Russell Brand, Kim Jong Un, cutting edge Brummie reggae Legends UB40, well-famed bangin’ choons peddler Stormzy, Hizbollah, innumerable towering intellectual heavyweights of Hollywood and sundry West End luvvies (including no less than aspiring Realpolitik super-genius Danny DeVito!) and of course, my personal favourite, the Daily Stormer
Well yeah, I just came to see social justice and subordinating all mere petty, particular and peculiar INDIVIDUAL interests to the Greater Good was a winning deal, and that’s exactly what Corbyn offers! I mean, I just cannot for the life of me (or my VERY considerable intelligence) CONCEIVE of how I didn’t think of it before!

Or indeed me AS WELL AS my various comrades and more or less NOTABLE political and intellectual ancestors…

The charismatic, MacMillanite oratory of Ol’ Griffybums lowered to a menacing, equivocal murmur towards the end.
Jez sez:

Look, sometimes you just have to deal with people with whom you profoundly disagree. That’s why I have “friends in the BNP!”

Griffin, looking mildly perturbed and bewildered for a change, as if he had ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT HE WAS DOING (not like him!), blinked: Read more New Labour Antisemitism OUTRAGE! Britain DISGUSTED by Corbyn’s Pact with RACIST BNP!


EDGY POEM! Spacking Out (Autism v Artistry, The Light Side of a Dark Affliction!)

My jeans are on backwards and tattered legs
Not quite a six-pack, more of a party keg
Don’t need a wingman, don’t need no aid
Think I’ll just sit at home and write dystopia instead

If you think my eyes are brilliant, my rhetoric dazzling
Don’t get too excited love, cos I’m already spazzing
Haven’t even got as far as asking your name
All these scary randos look the fuckin same

Nice shoes, bro! Another lass she flirts
She sees them furrows frown as my gangsta powers revert
Boys don’t take compliments no more! In disgust she moans
She’s getting better action with that chuffin’ feather duster way back ‘ome! Read more EDGY POEM! Spacking Out (Autism v Artistry, The Light Side of a Dark Affliction!)


Here are the Answers for Yesterday’s Quiz! Who Said it First: Hamas or Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party?

Anyone enjoy yesterday’s quiz?

Not so much?

Well, here are the answers!

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Who Said it First? Hamas or Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party? (Get the Answers Tomorrow!)

The Labour Antisemitism debacle rumbles on.

Often, it’s impossible to distinguish speech characteristic of left wing, right wing and Islamic antisemism.

So, how many of the following can you get right???????

1. What Hamas and the Palestinian people are doing is legitimate resistance against the Israeli occupation.

2. There is not going to be a peace process unless there is talks involving Israel, Hezbollah and Hamas, and I think everyone knows that.

3. The Labour Party is not overrun by anti-Semitism, Islamophobia or other forms of racism.

4. Gazans are an occupied people and have the right to resist, including by armed force.

5. Before Israel dies, it must be humiliated and degraded.

6. To portray Israel as some kind of victim with every right to “defend itself” from attack from “outside its borders” is a grotesque inversion of reality. Read more Who Said it First? Hamas or Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party? (Get the Answers Tomorrow!)