Trumpocalypse… NOW?! Some of the Best Trump Cult Stories


Kind of.

Let me know if we need to do another one of these! Not an exhaustive list by any means. 😉

Cartoonist Upchuck with a timely, timeless allegory!

Well, somebody just to had to stick their neck out I guess.

More to come on the site soon, from the same dude!

Joyce-level stuff. Sheer stream of consciousness joy. And that’s just the writer!

Oh wow, we can’t have this now can we! Imagine someone sitting on the fence and not going full Trump Culty-Culty!

Well, this is embarrassing… Look busy!

The more you know…

It’s not Xmas, but then again, it wasn’t for a lot of other people either…

Oh dear, what’s lil Donnie Trump trying to do now???

Oh, and just for the sake of completion…

John “Armchair Johnny” Bolton finally loses it!

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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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