Now That Sports Betting Is Legalized…

In 1992, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) restricted states in the United States of America from legalizing sports betting. However, in May of 2018, the Supreme Court decided to upturn that law.

This threw the window open and allowed all states to decide whether they want to legalize sports betting on their territory or not. According to the infographic below provided by NJ Games, this has increased sports betting activities all over the country.

More people are engaging in this activity as more sports betting outfits emerge. Of course, this leads to more money being into play.

To help you understand how much money we’re talking here – the entire gambling industry (without sports betting) has racked up about $208 billion in 2018 alone. Imagine sports betting adding its quota to the profit that gambling racks in. The consequences for the country’s GDP would be pretty much significant. Read more Now That Sports Betting Is Legalized…


Hollywood & the Democrats Rally in Final Show of Strength for Christine Ford

As the final decision is about to be reached on Kavanaugh, a gaggle of towering Hollywood intellectuals and well-beloved Democrats have decided to show their solidarity with Christine Ford, who has made some serious allegations against the prospective SCOTUS justice.

Well, you know what they say!

With friends like this…


The problem with these Republicans is like the pussy-grabber-in-chief, they think they can just see something they like and grab it with both hands! I just can’t understand the mentality of these people at all!


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