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Feminists OUTRAGED! Biden’s Creepy Campaign Trail Song List Leaks… CREEPY!

BIDEN 2020: FIRST SEXUALLY QUESTIONABLE PRESIDENT? Serial groper and wildcat Juncker’s sciatica handyman Joe ‘Creepy Uncle Joe Biden’ has just recently announced a bid for the presidency, despite a history of sexual misdemeanours which leaves but little daylight between him…

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Hollywood & the Democrats Rally in Final Show of Strength for Christine Ford

As the final decision is about to be reached on Kavanaugh, a gaggle of towering Hollywood intellectuals and well-beloved Democrats have decided to show their solidarity with Christine Ford, who has made some serious allegations against the prospective SCOTUS justice….

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“Bob Too?” Alicia Keys Denounces Bob Dylan’s ‘Creepy Harassment Agenda’

The latest musical scalp to fall to the recent sexual harassment witch-hunt is rugged smokey-voiced crooner Bob Dylan.

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The Ethics of Graphic & Offensive Writing

For those who are unaware, my novel Honest Adolph contains violence; sometimes of a graphic nature.

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Joe Biden Claims He Invented “The Intercourse”

At a recent dinner event, Vice President Joe Biden not only gave away classified secrets to the press, but claimed he’s taking credit for inventing intercourse along with Al Gore! According to a Biden Spokesman, ” Intercourse pretty much goes…

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