The Ethics of Graphic & Offensive Writing

For those who are unaware, my novel Honest Adolph contains violence; sometimes of a graphic nature. There is also sexual violence.

On one level, this is not ideal; on another, I wanted to portray a political class in absolute moral meltdown.

If you know the reality about Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, to name just two, you will understand.

Still, if that kind of content is too much, you can consider if you need to steer clear of the novel.

Not trying to discourage anyone at all, but it’s only fair to let people know.

So, what do you think?

Should sexual harassment, sexual violence and other graphic content be avoided in fiction writing?

Or is this sometimes a very important element?

Is there a difference between using it for rank sensationalist and/or commercialist purposes, vs using it with a clear moral purpose?

I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Either way, I stand by my novel.

Originally published on Medium. Here’s my account.

More soon from my ongoing serial of Honest Adolph!


2 comments on “The Ethics of Graphic & Offensive Writing

  1. The nature of satire is to use common views and circumstances and use them in a manner as to make a point, often contrarian to the expected. So offend on!

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