More Presidential Campaign Announcements Tweeted from The Donald: Today and the Next 50 Years

Presidential Election Announcements as the Great Awakening Plays Out (President / Vice
2024: Donald Trump / Ivanka Trump
2028: *Ivanka Trump / Donnie Trump, Jr.
2032: *Ivanka Trump /Jared Kushner
2036: *Jared Kushner/ Tiffany Trump
2040: Kim Guilfoyle / Eric Trump
2044: Barron Trump / Donald John Trump III
2048: Barron Trump / Donald John Trump III
2052: Donald John Trump III / Arabella Rose Trump
2056: Donald John Trump III / Arabella Rose Trump
2060: Joseph Trump / Chloe Sophia Trump
2064: Joseph Trump / Chloe Sophia Trump
2068: Chloe Sophia Trump / Tristan Trump
2072 Caroline Dorothy Trump / Spencer Trump

  • The once and future POTUS will run in these elections if we do away with the silly 22 nd
    Amendment; the Founders, of course, didn’t preclude more than two terms for exemplary chief
    NB: Future family members, if threatened by the Deep State Cabal (Democrats, Pedophiles,
    Progressives, and Perverts), might need to claim residency in different states (e.g., New York
    and Florida) to avoid splitting electoral votes from their home states (unless state officials in
    charge of electors waive that silly restriction).
    In full disclosure mode, here’s the anticipated make-up of my 2025 Cabinet after reassuming
    Department of State: Steve Bannon (Loyal and decisive)
    Department of the Treasury: Glenn Youngkin (CFO experience; clears path for Lara Trump as
    North Carolina Governor; and maybe draws a few Chinese votes: I call him “Young Kin”)

Department of Defense: Marjorie Taylor Greene (A straight shooter)
Department of Justice – Donnie Trump, Jr. – (Judge on The Apprentice; rallied Capitol Stormers
for Democracy)
Department of the Interior: Mike Lindell (Mr. Pillow certainly knows interiors)
Department of Agriculture (USDA): Kari Lake (She’s got to be good at something)
Department of Commerce: Eric Trump (Trump Organization: development and acquisitions —
enough said)
Department of Labor: Melania Trump – (Good in labor & has run hotels and hired help)
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS): Dr. Mehmet Oz (To surgically remove silly
rules like mask-wearing and to abort scientific prohibitions on freedom)
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): Pastor Robert Jeffress (He’s built a
“House of God”)
Department of Education: Herschel Walker (Have you heard the man speak?)
Department of Transportation: Kellyanne Conway – (Loyal; Father owned a trucking company)
Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA): Andrew Anglin (Daily Stormer editor – all things
Department of Energy (DOE): Joseph Manchin – (Mr Coal — We’ll flip his West Virginia senate
seat, one way or another)
Department of Homeland Security: Enrique Tarrio (This Boy will make us all Proud)
Other Potential Appointments:
Under Consideration for the Next Supreme Court Vacancy: Ginny Thomas, Sarah Palin, David
Duke, Roger Stone, or a Catholic Archbishop who moved to deny Biden and Pelosi Communion
Ambassador to the United Nations: J,D, Vance (Good at kissing ass, the job description for this
North Carolina 2024 Governor: Lara Trump (A real beauty of a choice)
White House Doorman: Mike Pence (What goes around, comes around)
U.S. Representative to Uzbekistan: Mary Trump (Is there a more God-forsaken embassy?)
New Official Mottos of the USA: “Where We Go One, We Go All!” // “Make America Great
and Glorious Again” [maGAGa]

Author: Ken Hogarty

Dr. Ken Hogarty, who lives in SF’s East Bay with his wife Sally, retired after a 46-year career as a high teacher and principal. Since, he has had stories, essays and comedy pieces published in Underwood, Sport Literate, Sequoia Speaks, Woman’s Way, Purpled Nails, Cobalt, the S.F. Chronicle, Points in Case, Glossy News, The Satirist, and Good Old Days. PO Box 84, Canyon, CA. 94516

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