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Sexiest Youtube Channel Ever! Join the Runnymede Revolution. Subscribe Before I’m Finally Executed!

No, I haven’t got my kit off… Yet. Oh, however will you cope! But here are some pretty damn ‘bijiao sexual’ videos of mine on the Youtube! (If you don’t know what ‘bijiao sexual’ means, ask Captain Marriott! If you…

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White Nationalism is Not the Answer: Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid!

White Nationalism is a counsel of despair. White nationalists are indeed 100% correct that the most effective way of stopping Islamic Extremism and racial tensions is killing and deporting everyone of a different race or religion. But if we do…

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“I Mean, Who WOULDN’T Like to Punch a Nazi?” Asks Fellow Nazi

Ari Anacion, self-proclaimed white nationalist, neo-nazi, and part-time full-time child slapper, knows that people like him are likely enough to get punched, when you think about. Nonetheless, he asks, “I mean, why wouldn’t the J… [ED: somebody, anybody, who cares…

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