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No, I haven’t got my kit off…


Oh, however will you cope!

But here are some pretty damn ‘bijiao sexual’ videos of mine on the Youtube!

(If you don’t know what ‘bijiao sexual’ means, ask Captain Marriott! If you never studied with me, I supposed you won’t know, will ya???)

First of all:

Heavy Like a Bomb, Brussels Come ’n’ Get it On!

Brussels bureaucrats may have the best uniforms (or at least the best floppy pudding bowl haircuts and mismatch shoes!), but the Royal Air Force haven’t had any remotely serious workout since we dealt out a well deserve “Nazi Genocide” to the pathetic armalites merchants of Dresden!

Is it finally time to go full John McCain on ol’ Murkybums; Viertel Reich? Is it time for Desovietisation 2.0? Ironically enough (at least in the Alanis Morissette sense of the word), we have some wise words from our old friend the Chairman; plus Slavoj Zizek!

Theresa May, the Human Dumpster Fire!

London’s burning!

Is this the worst Prime Minister we’ve EVER had?


Oh but wait, what’s this…


Yes, it just so happens that the original video had some muffled, or at least weak, inarticulate and deeply, deeply uncharismatic bits which were hard to make out…

Remind you of anyone not too far from home???

Belly’s Gonna Getcher! Alt-Right Luvvin’ Lunacy…

I just got chubby-chased for all this rampant anti-yoghurt-botherer hate of mine. See the comments section. A truly beautiful sight! (Not unlike my far from in/considerable abdomen!)

A Tale of Two Alt-Tards

Just for the sake o’ some Foxy balanceez, I play a classic game of two-siderism. Well-fencey-arsed, my good sir!

So, what would y’all like to see next?

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