White Nationalism is Not the Answer: Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid!


White Nationalism is a counsel of despair.
White nationalists are indeed 100% correct that the most effective way of stopping Islamic Extremism and racial tensions is killing and deporting everyone of a different race or religion.
But if we do that, how are we any better than ISIS? Freakin’ idiots!
White Nationalism is standard issue solutions-based politics. I don’t approve of solutionism. There are no simple answers to the current crisis of Western civilisation, and anyone who offers you a slick, easy answer to our troubles is trying to deceive you and corrupt your heart!
It is not possible to stop Islamic supremacism by behaving like ISIS. If the UK, USA, France or Germany can only stop jihad by behaving like jihadists, then there is nothing to be said for us. Once you go white, you never go right! Don’t drink the Kool Aid!

White race hustlers are trying to flatter you and coax you into behaving like them. Don’t be fooled by their idle gallantry, as they try to court you, and seduce you into following their evil ideology. All identity politics is meaningless bullshit. Don’t trust these people!
White identity politics is pure cancer.

They will all suck up to you and tell you how great you are.
But you know already, deep, deep down in your heart, that true greatness comes from your character, your conscience, your courage, your inner freedom, your love for truth.
Turn back! For God’s sake, don’t do it.
They are lying to you…
And deep down, you know it too.
You are afraid.
You are angry.
So am I.
Everyone is bleeding on the inside.
These people are predators of the soul, and they dare to fix their beady eyes on you?!

In the name of all that’s good and holy, don’t be foolish enough to fall for their lies.
Racial pride is empty vanity and glory; it is part of the fashion of the world, it is fleeting and elusive, and there is nothing eternal about it.
The only thing that matters is your inner beauty.
If you go down this path, you will spend all of this world and the world to come, weeping over the decision you have made.
Forever is a long time to realise you have made a mistake.

Don’t be a fool, like so many have been fools before you.
Racial interests are no interests at all.
You were created for much higher things like this, and you are bought with a price. Don’t turn away.
For God’s sake, don’t turn away.
You truly are greater than you know.
Race-baiters and identity hustlers don’t care about or your family.
They are human beings who have made a pact with evil.
I do not know if they are too far gone; the paths of Good are mysterious to the eye.
But I know you are teetering on the brink. Take my hand. Don’t be afraid.

The Darkness is very powerful, and we are all afraid of it.
Let us at least be brave, and be honest, and acknowledge it exists.
After this, we can face it fearlessly.
It’s not too late.
I swear to God, it is not too late.
You are loved.
And you do have a choice, no matter what they say.
The Darkness is bitter and remorseless and relentless.
But the Light is the greatest of all.
For it was there, before the Darkness ever once came to be.


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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