Nazism is the White Nationalism of Peace (Justin Antitheist Guest Post)

The beliefs of the Charlottesville terrorist had nothing to do with this act of terrorism.
I learned from Obama that to call it “racist terrorism” is bigotry against other racists and that this terrorism has nothing to do with racism. #notall
I learned from “progressives” and people who think they are liberals that it’s bigoted to look into his motivations.
His identity had nothing to do with his actions.
His sacred book has nothing to do with it.
His actions just happened.
They just came out of a vacuum.
I learned from mainstream media, especially that of Europe, that it’s racist to mention his identity or his beliefs.
It’s hate speech to do so and if you talk about it, you should be arrested for wrongthink like Tommy Robinson or Kevin J. Johnston.
Besides, maybe if people would stop being hateful to the far right, he would not have done it.
But his beliefs had nothing to do with the attack.
It just happened.
If we call it what it what it is, we will just create more terrorists.
If we criticise racism, we will create more racist terrorism.
I learned from the mayors of London, New York City and many others who call terrorist attacks “explosions” or who say a vehicle killed people and who refuse to mention the human behind the attack that this was not an attack.
It was a vehicular accident.
In fact, it was a car.
A car, not a human, that drove into human beings and killed them.
We should ban high-powered cars.

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