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Dark Nigel Rises: A One Act Play About the Bane of Brexit!

FARAGE: Behind you stands a symbol of oppression. The House of Commons, where millions of citizens have languished under the name of this woman: Theresa May: who has been held up to you as the shining example of patriotism! You…

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The Big Brexit Betrayal! Top Tory Caught in Erotic Tryst with German Leader! Click the Video Now!

There’s been a lot of talk about a big Brexit betrayal. Even centrist Euronationalists have had to acknowledge the ‘betrayal’ narrative, so they can make their customary feeble attempts to ‘refute’ it! But the greatest Brexit betrayal of all is…

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Klubber Bonez Songbook: David Cameron Bellend Blues

NOTE: Dave is so greedy, he has insisted on appearing today, despite the fact that he was due tomorrow. But yes: you can expect to see another Klubber Bonez song tomorrow, as announced earlier today. Tomorrow’s song will also feature…

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Theresa May Resigns, Becomes Guardian Editor

Conservative Party leader Theresa May is tired of endless harassment from voters and grubby hard-right red-top hacks (like George Osborne of the Evening Standard). So, she has decided her career in politics is no longer a worthwhile pursuit. Notable left-wing…

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Theresa May to Rename Conservative Party ‘National-Socialist Party’

After her recent ‘success’ with the notorious Snooper’s Charter, Theresa ‘Jihadi Tess’ May is now planning to conduct yet another Cameroneque image change for her right-wing party, the Conservatives. One anonymous source close to the eagle’s mouth tells me:

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