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Contribute to this Hilarious New Satire Book! The Vast Right-Wing Dictionary

Is there a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?

Maybe, maybe not.

There is certainly a Vast Right-Wing Dictionary, though!

But help is needed…

Can you help give definitions of words that satirize and parody right-wing understandings of them?

Before you ask, yes there probably should be a Vast Left-Wing Dictionary too.

But let’s make some good progress with this one first.

Send any submissions for relevant dictionary entries to wallacerunnymede@gmail.com

We would like to have all entries together by the end of June 2017. Entries sent after this date may be considered, but only at the editor’s discretion. I estimate August 2017 for publication (if self-published); if a publisher shows interest, it’s anyone’s guess!

Some things are not yet fully decided:

Will it be presented as a Glossy News book, or just a book with Wallace as editor?

How about pricing, formats, outlets and marketing?

These are all things I will discuss with the Glossy News webmaster, Brian K. White.

For now…

Keep on (t-)rollin’!



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Free Book Deal, 1 to 5 Feb! Anti UKIP Satire.

My collection of satire stories on UKIP (some of them previously published on various online humor outlets, including Glossy News), is undergoing its periodic free book giveaway!

From 1 to 5 Feb 2017, you can catch up with Tarquin absolutely FREE…

With a zero-cost download from Amazon!

This short story collection brings together some heartwarming and disrespectfully pointed satire stories about Baron Tarquin Binnett De Albion, Esquire. Read the full story


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Free Satire Ebook Deal for Xmas

Both volumes of the Gang of Sneer series are free from 22 to 26 November!

Tarquin Binnett’s Sound Englishman’s Common Sense Jamboree

Read the full story


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Youtube Gets Snarky with More Videos: ‘Sorry if You Were Offended!’ Plus Ebook Update… (2/2)

Finally, two more videos (unless you’ve already checked them out. If not, why not?!)

5. Newt Gingrich Makes Cute-Ass Comeback as Cuddly Economy-Saver ^______6 Read the full story


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Satirical Fiction & Poetry Updates: New Ebook Just Launched! (1/2)

Pre-order is over! Graveyard of the Pieties is finally launched at Amazon! This, my second Amazon Ebook, accompanies my rather dark short poetry collection, Foaming the Optics. Graveyard of the Pieties is the first volume of the Fatal Conceits ebook series; Fatal Conceits focuses on presumption, paternalism and various related topics.

Apologies for slight delay with the free Wallace Runnymede Satire Catastrophes ebooks at some other outlets (the ones currently associated with Draft2Digital). The four volumes (including the brand new volumes #3 & #4) are currently under review and should be out by the time the article you’re now reading is out. If not, I’ll update you very soon! I’m publishing another article on the four ebooks anyway very soon…

So look out for that! And in the meantime, please enjoy the serial of the Wallace Runnymede Satire Catastrophes ebook series at my general satire site, Satire Catastrophes.

And please do see also my channel on Youtube, for audio versions of some of these stories! (I’m not happy with the graphics for Youtube so far; I’ll update the cover pictures to something less drab and more exciting in the near future). Read the full story


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Satire May Be a Dying Art, Thanks to Internet Trolls

Serious concerns have been raised in the United Kingdom, over the future of online satire as an art form, a development which has also caused consternation in the United States.

In the UK, a number of high profile court cases have resulted in successful prosecutions of internet trolls, much to the disgust of genuine satirists, who feel that they in turn are suffering as a result of trolling.

The trolls target the famous, the recently bereaved, and basically anybody they feel like being nasty towards. Read the full story


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