Bush Obama

There once was a loser called Bush

Who told old Saddam to vamoosh

He tanked the economy

And made y’all some enemies

And the terror threat went through the roof!


There once was a showman called Barry

Who was genial and happy as Larry

He preached Hope and Change

But to everyone’s dismay

He made the whole country go Hari-Kari!


There once was an empress called Hill

Wall Street’s most reliable shill

The MIC’s beast

Bombed the whole Middle East

And the entire region is now a landfill!


There once was a warmonger called John

Who wanted a nuclear war

Against Russia and China

And old Asia Minor

Time to bounce Armchair John’s ass out the door!


There once was a great MIC

Who brought freedom to you and to me

They massacred yer soldiers

Turned Iraq into a boulder

Well, who wants some more LIBERTY?!


There once was a great CIA

Who paid the warmongers to play

Repubs or Dems

‘We’ll fund ‘em all, either way’

K! Unleash the genocidal mayhem!


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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