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Flu Spray Replacement Found Among City Dwelling Homeless population

For many years, the flu vaccine was administered primarily in two ways—via an injection or through a nasal spray. However, many pharmacies and doctors have steered away from the use of the flu spray, and settled almost exclusively on the…

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When a Mistake in a Medical Diagnosis Is and Is Not Considered Medical Negligence

Usually, we trust doctors to be able to get to the bottom of things when we have unexplained symptoms, and most of the time things go right with medical diagnoses within the boundaries of what is possible with current medical…

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Doctors are Heroic for facing Blood and Guts without Puking, says Surgeon

Dateline: WHYNOT, NC—Surgeons are responding to the criticism that they’re vain and overpaid, by asking the critics to imagine what it’s like being elbow-deep in blood and guts.

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