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CORBYN BIG LIE! “I’ve Been Using Food Banks for the Past Few Years!”

After a 2017 High London gaff-gaffe where south of the M1 champagne socialist Jeremy Corbyn admitted there were plenty of people in Islington who drank cappucino every day, and that he knew many of them personally, an increasingly desperate Jezza…

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Middle Earth Question Time: Jez Saruman Believes All Lives Matter!

Mr Saruman, will you condemn the mass atrocities of Mordor? I condemn ALL indiscriminate mass murder of innocent civilians, whether perpetrated by Mordor, or by Gondor, or by anyone else in Middle Earth. But nobody mentioned Gondor. Well yes, funny…

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New Labour Antisemitism OUTRAGE! Britain DISGUSTED by Corbyn’s Pact with RACIST BNP!

Misery loves company… So why not have an electoral pact between the radical socialist BNP and the radical socialist Labour Party? What could possibly go wrong? The recent national/international socialist pact between two of Britain’s most widely-despised borderline Marxist/Hitlerite parties…

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