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How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

The dream of every gambler is to get the jackpot. Slot machines and video poker machines propose even more than jackpot winning. They offer the clients a progressive jackpot prize. Read the full story


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First Steps Of An Online Casino Owner After The Site’s Development

The road to a successful digital business goes way beyond the stage of its initial development. Read the full story


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The Best Online Casinos For 2018

There’s always that one online casino website, where the comfortable familiarity ensures that you are always at home whenever you are visiting it. However, from time and again, you might find yourself hunting for a new online casino to add to the collection of sites that you frequent, especially now that we are in a new year. Read the full story


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What’s Next on Glossy News?

The past few days have been kind of quiet.

But we’ve got some great content coming out later today. Read the full story


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Benefits of Listening to Music While Gambling

Music has always been an important part of our life. Albert Einstein once said that if he were not a physicist, he would choose to be a musician.  It is not a random choice. Read the full story


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Hawaii Woman Wins $10.7 Million on Slot Machine: How Does this Compare to the Biggest Slot Wins in History?

Everyone has read stories about people becoming multi-millionaires as a result of winning the lottery – but winnings on this sort of scale from playing the slot machines are a much rarer occurrence. That is what makes the story of a mystery woman from Hawaii who won an astonishing $10.7 million jackpot through playing the slot machines at the famed Wynn Hotel Casino Complex in Las Vegas all the more remarkable.

The precise identity of this lucky woman remains unknown, as she has specifically asked the casino not to reveal it, but what is known is that she hails from Oahu and was playing an IGT Megabucks Wynn Wheel slot when she won this gigantic sum. What makes all this that little bit more extraordinary is that she was betting just $3 a go at the time she scored this jackpot win. News of her astounding good fortune was released to the world via the official Wynn Las Vegas twitter account. The tweet didn’t make it appear as if the company was that upset at taking such a huge financial hit – as it playfully asked followers what they would do to celebrate a win of that magnitude – although there is little question that the news will get more people visiting the casino and playing the slots, so it’s probably a win all round. One downside for the lucky woman though is that she will have to pay tax of around $1 million, under the terms of Hawaiian law, although $9 million-plus is still none too shabby. Of course, although people don’t always associate them with big payouts, the slots do deliver the cash sometimes.

Two-time winner

Securing one mega-win on the slots is unlikely, but two is just ridiculous. That is what happened in the case of Second World War veteran Elmer Sherwin however, as he claimed a jackpot of $4.6 million playing the Megabucks slot at the age of 76. He used this windfall to see the world, but kept his slot action going and went on to win an eye-watering $21 million on the same slot game two decades later – donating much of it to various good causes.

Excalibur score

That still isn’t the biggest casino slot win ever though, as a software engineer on holiday from Los Angeles won $40 million at the Excalibur Hotel Casino in Vegas in 2003. Like the latest big winner, he valued his anonymity and his identity remains a secret, although he may be the person living in a solid gold castle.

Speculate to accumulate

When a former flight attendant opted to go over her allotted $100 budget at the Palace Station slots, by a further $200, she ended up walking away with a cool $27 million-plus jackpot. Again, she chose not to have her identity revealed to the general public, but what this demonstrates conclusively is that sometimes you absolutely do have to speculate to accumulate.

Of course, slot machine wins on this scale do not come along very often, but it is these life-changing stories that keep us returning to popular games like Cleopatra slots and trying our luck.


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Winners Can Do the Craziest Things

Did you know that lottery winners go broke at twice the rate of the rest of the population? It’s quite a statistic, don’t you think? You ask someone to scrimp and save all their lives and they dutifully squirrel away a few pennies for a rainy day. But give someone all the money they have ever dreamt of and the brakes come off in a way that you couldn’t imagine!

These stories of what some of the most notorious lottery and casino winners have done may not restore your faith in human kind, but they might make you feel better about not being stupid. Read the full story


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