Why on Earth Are People Still Going to Casinos?

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We are entering the year 2020. The future is here! There are electric cars and virtual reality and a reality TV star is President of the United States. 

Now that we are living in the future, there are few that people still do that make you really question, what the hell are they thinking? If people are still watching standard-definition TV or using a pager instead of a cell phone, it may be safe to start questioning their sanity.

Another activity that begs you to questions a person’s motivations is, why on earth are people still going to casinos? In 2020, that makes no sense! Sure, maybe you love gambling. Who doesn’t!? But there are so many terrible things about going to the casino and, now that we are living in the future, there are much better options.

The problems with casinos

I am sure you are reading this right now and saying, “But casinos are awesome! They have gambling and fun and no windows or clocks! What is better than that?”

Well, the truth is there is a lot better than that and even with the awesome/ creepy fact that casinos have no windows or clocks, there is a lot to hate about going to the casino. Here is just a small sampling of why casinos suck.

Casinos smell 

There. I said it. Yes, casinos pump in oxygen but all that does is spread the smell around. Casinos smell like cigarettes, stale alcohol, body odor, and desperation. Who wants that?

 Do you want to know the real reason so many people roll around the casino with oxygen tanks? Because they most likely have a very serious respiratory-related health condition and probably need it to survive.

 But, you know the other reason? Because casinos smell terrible and breathing in your own canister oxygen is preferable to smelling the terrible casino smells. 

You waste a lot of money 

When you go to a casino on the Las Vegas strip you ever notice how small and boring and run-down they look? Of course not! They are amazing palaces that are a testament to one simple fact. The house always wins.

 The reason Las Vegas and other gambling meccas are able to build such incredible casinos is that they take all your money. Not to mention, once you are inside they have food and shops and bars and activities all designed to do one thing. Take even more of your money.

You get drunk and make regrettable mistakes

What is better than free drinks at the tables in a casino? Well, how about not losing all your money, remembering your night, and not going back to your hotel room with god knows who or what.

There is a whole town full of casinos whose motto is “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. That is because what happens is ridiculous drunkenness and debauchery and terrible, terrible decisions. Don’t believe me? Maybe you will believe Hollywood who created an entire movie trilogy based on just this concept.

The better alternatives

At this point, it should be ABUNDANTLY clear that casinos are horrible places that no one should ever go to again. I know what you are going to say though. Gambling is awesome though! I love gambling! Where will I gamble now that you have proved to me, without a shadow of a doubt, that I should no longer go to casinos?

Glad you asked. There are several options nowadays that are way better than going to a casino. And, for people who have figured this out, they now join me in asking, why on earth are people still going to casinos?

Online casinos

In the 21st century the magic of the internet, combined with other technological advancements, now allows us to have wonderful online casinos in our living room, at our desk at work, or even in the car (don’t online gamble and drive please).

“The online casino experience is closer than it has ever been to the real deal,” says Shane Neal from Online Casino Gems. “The technology makes it feel like you are on the real casino floor, you win real money and soon, with VR [virtual reality] technology getting better and cheaper, online casinos will become completely immersive.”

It is now easier and more legal than ever place bets online. With 4 states, Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, now offering legal internet gambling, the future is here and that future is online casinos.  

Home games

Maybe you love to gamble but do not love the casino experience in general. The fact is that whether you play in-person or online, you are still at a casino and there are certain pitfalls that can come along with that. 

If you want to gamble with family and friends and either take all their money or at least donate to someone you know instead of a faceless corporation, having a nice, relaxed home game is never a bad idea. 

All you need is some cards, maybe some dice, a nice table, and some comfortable chairs wouldn’t hurt either. After that, the only thing you really need to give your home game that real casino feel is a great set of poker chips. If you want a great set, check out the Gambling News Magazine buying guide.   


So, why on earth are people still going to casinos? Well, I guess if you looked at it honestly you could say that casinos can be fun, and exciting, a little dangerous in a good way. They also stink (literally) though, they make you drunk and stupid, and they ultimately will take all of your money.

Next time you have the urge to drive however many hours the nearest casino is away from you, take a second, stop, think, and make the right choice. Instead of getting in that car, head to your desk or couch, pull out your laptop or phone and do what smart people do. Gamble online!


Author: Dexter Sinistri

Dexter Sinistri is a famously centrist writer who has worked as a Hollywood correspondent for a number of leading publications since 2005. Though once a photographer, Mr. Sinistri struck out as a writer on all things celebrity, and he likes to consider himself a tremendous asset to Glossy News, though by most accounts, he has fallen somewhat short of this effort.