How to Maximize Pokie Winnings

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While online casinos are not permitted to operate from New Zealand soil, it’s perfectly legal for New Zealanders to participate in online casino gambling activities with offshore online casino operators. This gives Kiwi gamblers access to some of the best online video pokies the world has ever seen.

While there’s a number of top UK online casino websites currently available to New Zealand casino gambling enthusiasts, it’s worth noting more casinos are joining the Kiwi party every day from all over the world. On the list of online casinos now offering Kiwis access to its sites, Playamo is one of the new players in town, offering access to the very best video pokies available on the internet.

How to Maximize Pokie Winnings

Online casino operators love offering online pokies. Why? Of all the online casino games that online casino operators can make available, pokies give online casinos their biggest edge. The casino’s edge on each video pokie is easily calculated. It starts with the pokie’s RTP (return to player) percentage. Generally, pokies carry a documented RTP of between 92%-97%. Translated: 92%-97% of each dollar that is wagered on the game over time will be returned to the player. The casino’s edge would be the difference between 100% and the RTP percentage. That means most pokies offer online casino operators an advantage of 3%-8%, depending on the pokie.

As a pokie player, it’s incumbent on you to follow certain guidelines to help you minimize the casino’s advantage and maximize your own winnings or minimize your own losses. Here are three guidelines you should consider: select the pokies with highest RTP, bet the maximum and walk away after hitting a big jackpot.

Select the Pokies with the Highest RTP – This one should be easy to follow. If you can access a pokie with an RTP of 94% and another one that has an RTP of 96%, which one should you play if you value winnings over game theme? Of course, you would want to select the pokie with an RTP of 96%. Over time, you will lose 2% less of your money, which can seem an awful lot like winning 2%.

Bet the Maximum – Most pokie jackpots are proportionate to the amount of your wager. If there are five levels of payouts corresponding to five levels of wagers, you would be best served to always bet the game’s maximum wager. Why? You’ll know the answer to that question the very moment you line up the reels that return the biggest jackpot, only to realize your winnings will only be a portion of what they could have been if you had bet the max.

Walk Away after Hitting a Big Jackpot – After hitting a pokie’s biggest jackpot, you will have already achieved what you set out to do. It would be foolish to keep playing, thinking you might do it again. Every pokie’s RTP makes clear you are supposed to lose over time. Your job is to walk away with your winnings without giving the pokie an opportunity to force its statistical advantage on your bankroll. Walking away as a winner is infinitely better than walking away a loser.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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