WTF?! Top 5 Brexit Conspiracy Theories: Which One Did YOU Fall For?! Click & Share!

What Brexit is, and What it Isn’t!

Don’t be fooled by Project Fear.

They are all pillars of the mainstream CENTRIST establishment. Brexit, or if you will, REAL Brexit, the one so many, many, untold millions have had in mind for really quite a very long time indeed, is NOT:

1. A Right-Wing Plot.

There are plenty of counter-examples to conspiracy theory #1. You may like Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway, Neil Clark and so many, many others; you may not. Either way, the evidence is clear: Brexit is only sectarian if you want to MAKE it sectarian.

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DeVos Proposes to Make Education Great… Again

Washington, DC- Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos cast all doubt aside as to where she stands on the issue of student debt, after issuing a harsh rebuke against students enrolled in government backed student loan programs; in a press conference on Tuesday morning at the annual Federal Student Aid Training Conference in Atlanta!

“These recipients of student loans are crippling the economy. The current student debt is nearly $1.5 trillion, which is about one-third of the government’s entire balance sheet. With nearly 20 percent of these loans delinquent or in default, it is time that the government steps in and protects our financial interests,” she told a gathering of nearly 5,000 financial aid professionals.

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Do You Need a Private Investigator?

Corruption, fraud and dishonesty. These are some of the evils lying behind many people in the world. From looking at the face, you might think they’re clean, but behind the scenes, they are draining you like a vampire.

How can you find out beforehand?

Through the services of a trained private investigator which you can find at With their help, you can uncover identity thieves, corporateespionage, romance scams and false companies among others.

  1. Identity Theft

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How Much We Do Forget – Our Fights With Cuba, Iran and Socialism And How We Caused Them

My, My! How much we do forget!

Obama tried to connect with our old foes Cuba and Iran to smooth out the decades old conflicts and make the world a more friendly place. However, now Mr. President Grinch has decided to throw them back to the corner of the ring and start boxing with them again. Sigh! Some dictators always need a punching bag enemy to entertain their publics.

We say that Cuba is our enemy because they are communist and that the Russians tried to put missiles there against us. All true, but what made them become communist? Don’t know? It’s because that is one of the many things those history books in high school that we hated so much didn’t tell us about. It is an embarrassing part of our legacy- we supported a dictator. His name was Batista. Although at first a genuine hero of Cuba and a Socialist (!), he later de-evolved into the worst of the Franco clones of that time, torturing perceived enemies and repressing Constitutional rights, including ones he himself introduced in 1940. He let American interests seize control of most of Cuba’s major businesses ( the golden phone in the Godfather 2 movie was a real thing!) in return for kickbacks and let the American mafia turn the island into a literal brothel. Read more How Much We Do Forget – Our Fights With Cuba, Iran and Socialism And How We Caused Them


Open Letter to Suffering Autism Parents

NB: This is a longer version of the letter first published on Autistic Dark Web.

Dear Autism Parents

It is too easy to say the militant autism lobby are speaking ‘not in my name.’ I mean, it’s true, but it probably doesn’t help much. The uncomfortable truth is simply this: these people are vicious, and vindictive, and there is just no end to their hate. Autism parents should have a voice. So should freethinking autistic people. That’s why the Autistic Dark Web was set up (including the website).

I hope the time will come when people who disagree with the mainstream fanatics will have more of a voice. I’m not just fighting for myself, but for other future generations. I hope you will not be put off by the thuggish hooligan tactics of these doctrinaire true believers. It’s like arguing with Communists or the Alt Right. Hopefully things will change one day soon.

The treatment of people like Judith Newman is an absolute disgrace. Just as Ayatollah Khameini notoriously said ‘There are no jokes in Islam,’ so also do the neurodiversity lobby say ‘there are no jokes in autism.’ Any lightheartedness, or indeed any dark humour, is verboten. It’s all about ‘subject positions.’ The Oppressor cannot speak. The Oppressed can say whatever they want. If you believe this is simplistic, you are not wrong at all. It is beyond simplistic. It is of the very essence of doctrinaire ideological rhetoric.

I cannot singlehandedly change the world.

Nor can any other individual from the Autistic Dark Web. But all of us, whether liberal, conservative, socialist, libertarian, centrist, populist, whatever…

We are doing our best, however imperfectly, to fight for a world where YOUR voices will be heard as well.

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Happy Belated Birthday Greetings to Our Sikh Friends!

I don’t know how many Sikh readers we have, but I would hope we have quite a few! Recently, it was the birthday of Guru Nanak, the first of the ten Sikh gurus; also the first of the nine human gurus (this is interesting; if you are not a Sikh, you can research this!)

We at Glossy News wish our Sikh friends well, and we hope your humane and noble faith will continue to shine a little light on our darkened world!

Burn worldly love,
Rub the ashes and make ink of it,
Make the heart the pen,
The intellect the writer,
Write that which has no end or limit

Guru Nanak