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Dershowitz Breaks Mideast Deadlock, Promises to Fix

The Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz announced September 25, 2012, that Harvard law professor and Israel advocate Alan Dershowitz had broken the deadlock between Israel and the Palestinian Authority with a revolutionary new plan for a settlement freeze. Details of the…

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Review of Motorola’s Amazing DynaTac 8000

First off I want to thank Motorola for sending me this phone. I know they are having a hard time keeping these in stock due to popular demand. To start with, I plugged the DynaTac into my clothes dryer outlet…

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Posted in Education

Lewd, Lascivious Lawyer Legal Literature

A LEWD, LASCIVIOUS LOOK AT OUR LOCAL LAW LIBRARY. They say that lawyers are a breed apart. In fact, we should wonder if they should really even be considered a part of the human species at all, especially as evidenced…

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Madden Players Association in Heated Lockout

GREENVILLE, NC – Sports media has covered many lockouts over the years, but have yet to address the major Madden ’13 lockout that is intensifying in many homes across the country. The lockout occurred after EA sports stopped providing catered…

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Guy Discovers Breaking Bad, Thinks He’s Broken Bad

Jason Rosen, a casual TV watcher from Wichita, Kansas, recently discovered the AMC original series “Breaking Bad” through Netflix, and now thinks he is a hardened man of the world. “When I see Skylar bust [Walter’s] balls, I think to…

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