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TIME TO BOMB FRANCE! A Modest Proposal on Macron & The Yellow Jackets

Wow, it sounds like the European Spring is just leading to more and more state brutality and oppression of the French people! France is a failed state, and in order to fulfil its responsibilities to the international community, maybe it…

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Trump Should Attack Russia to Take Heat off RussiaGate Scandal, Experts Say

WASHINGTON – Politicians and media pundits from both political perspectives have called on President Trump to attack Russia as soon as possible to prove once and for all that he is not colluding with Russia. “The only way for Trump…

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Blair Demands Humanitarian Intervention in Catalonia

Former UK Prime Minister and beloved public figure Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (known affectionately to most Britons as ‘Tony Blair,’) has responded with an astonishingly inspirational display of righteous indignation…

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