John McCain Releases Edgy Beach Boys Parody (Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb-Bomb Iran!)


Yahoo! Bomb bomb bomb, bomb-bomb Iran!

Bomb bomb bomb, bomb-bomb Iran!

Let’s bomb Iran, I’m a brave veteran

Bomb Iran

Prescription reefers I be rollin’

But the MIC is be feelin’

We gonna bomb Iran

Bomb-bomb Iran!


Hey there imams, gonna crap yer pants,

I’m a chirpy little Songbird so why won’t we take a dance

As I bomb Iran, bomb-bomb-Iran

I’m the Neocon Taliban

The media are sucking up to Songbird

So let’s all bomb Iran

Bomb bomb bomb, bomb-bomb-Iran!


My bad! Mission creep, got no time for sleep

Let’s go get some North Korean minerals on the cheap

As we bomb bomb bomb, bomb-bomb-bomb Ira-a-aaaaan!

Ya gotta be bombing and blowing, gassing about freedom,

Bomb Iran!

Bomb bomb, bomb-bomb-Iran!


Try another ruse

Another 1000 bombers flew

Try to go and do what even ISIS wouldn’t do

And bomb Iran, bomb bomb, bomb-bomb-bomb Ira-a-aaaaaaan!

You got me lyin’ and hatin,’ war games masturbation

Bomb Iran, bomb bomb, bomb-bomb Iran!

Oh look ICC, comin’ there for me,

Never gonna catch me cos I’m a fast lil J McC,

I gonna bomb bomb bomb, bomb-bomb-Iran!

But now I’m sitting in a birdcage,

Wish I’d never tried to bomb Iran,

Bomb bomb, bomb-bomb-Iran!


Image attribution:

By Dan Raustadt – Image donated by Dan Raustadt. His emailed permission has been forwarded to, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Smoking Guns:

The original version:

Paul Shanklin cover version:

What other funny versions have you found?

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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