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The Superpower that Disempowers: Is it Time for a Black Book of Autism? (LONG READ… ENJOY!)

Well, what have we got here?! Something a lot bigger. Not as funny (a bit of dry wit, perhaps), but nonetheless VERY much out of the mainstream. Is autism a superpower? A flamboyantly colorful and identity ‘we’ all can celebrate?…

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The Fat Positivity Movement is Incomplete Without the Alcohol Positivity Movement

The fat community are so badly oppressed nowadays, but I think you can agree we have definitely all taken some huge, robust strides towards real acceptance and celebration of the fat identity. Every single sickening, pummelling, earth-shattering blow we have…

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Tupac Parody! California Liberal (An Ode to White Liberal Guilt)

The White Liberal Community have now released a rap in order to try and justify their ridiculous ideology and attitude. Interestingly enough, most POC in the United States of America and worldwide have rejected the hypocritical, sactimonious virtue-signalling of this…

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Jez Corbyn
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Storming Success of Autistic Pride Leads to New ‘AIDS Pride’ & ‘Cancer Pride’ Days

Despite numerous caveats and reservations from the Autistic Dark Web, the self-appointed ‘autistic community’ have recently been revelling in Autistic Pride. However, while June may have been devoted to the flamboyantly carnivalesque celebration of debilitating bowel problems, crippling depression, soul-destroying…

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Unbelievable! New Fines Introduced For Silly “Cooking & Driving” Offence… What’s Going On!

Drivers caught cooking whilst driving are to face tough penalties, the government says. Under new rules expected to come in next year, drivers will receive six points on their license and a £120 fine.

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They Asked for Diversity: They Got it!

There’s a debate over whether the Google “anti-diversity screed” from a while back was actually “anti-diversity.” I actually agree with the mainstream establishment narrative that it was indeed an anti-diversity document; except for one thing.

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The Woke Metropolitan Centrist’s Guide to Non-Triggering Slurs

One of the most strident and inflammatory SJW sites I’ve ever seen is ‘Not Sorry Feminism.’ SPOILER: You don’t have to be ‘sorry.’ Nobody cares!

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But I’m Oppressed! (SPOILER: No You’re Not!) (4/4)

Kult-App Cultural appropriation is when a dominant and imperialistic culture steals the culture of another culture or sub-culture, without acknowledging it. Y’know, like the Quran ‘helpfully borrowing’ stories from Jews and Christians.

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CNN to Issue Trigger Warnings before Trump Appearances

NEW YORK – CNN today announced its new policy of issuing trigger warnings before showing the face of President Donald Trump to viewing audiences.

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