You Don’t Need to be ‘Celebrated’ or Embraced’

Your daily reminder:
You should wary of caring in the least about what complete strangers say about your identity.
If you need people you’ve never even heard of, and far less d’you care, to ‘celebrate’ or ‘embrace’ your disability, your mental or physical illness, your sexuality, or your religion, you have no sense of self; you are not remotely rooted, based, or self-reliant.
All you need is to be tolerated; anything else is a free gift of grace, that cannot be wheedled, coerced or manipulated out of someone.
People think you’re a retard?
They can go to hell!
People think you’re a faggot?
They can go to hell!
People think you’re a Muzzie, or a Kike, or a Nazarene, or a Christ-Killer, or a Kaffir, or a Person of the Book?
They can to to hell!
Nobody needs to be embraced or celebrated by irrelevant strangers.
What matters, first and foremost, is what you know about yourself.
Second, is the opinions of anyone else who really matters.
Stop whinging, dry yer eyes, and have some goddamn dignity for once in yer life!

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