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4K Glossy News Podcast 009 (9-21-15)

In my September 21st, 2015 4K/UHD podcasts, I cover a lot of ground, some of it even interesting. Here are just a few of the topics:

All of this is available in UHD on YouTube by searching “Glossy Podcast” or as an MP3 on iTunes by searching “Glossy News”.

* What it’s like to literally be lightning in the first person. Read the full story


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Same Sex Jail Romance Leads to Kentucky Clerk’s Change of Heart

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, who refused to issue gay marriage licenses and was taken into federal custody for contempt of court, has posted bond and been released after having a change of heart in jail.

After experiencing what she called a quasi-religious experience with her female cell mate, Davis returned to her job, her cheeks flushed and a smile spread across her formerly dumpy disposition. Read the full story


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Rick Santorum Declares Himself Trans-Sexual…. But Not Transsexual (2/2)

Time for a bit of

mutual mud-slinging, entrenched opinions and the politics of disagreement

as one notable satirical persona says.

Or again, as another such persona says:

Of course, it’s perfectly true, from one perspective, that…

But the other side of this dilemma, which is equally undeniable and obvious…

Let’s see how US politicians have responded to Santorum’s confession that he is trans-sexual, but definitely, definitely not transsexual. Read the full story


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Rick Santorum Declares Himself Trans-Sexual…. But Not Transsexual (1/2)

Rick Santorum has not given the warm and generous welcome to the Supreme Court decision that a number of Republicans had anticipated.

So he’s decided to avoid a false neutrality on this occasion and really speak from the heart.

This may come as a surprise to not a few of you, but I think the new rules are actually totally heterophobic.

I mean, why can’t I have a gay marriage if I want it? So seriously, in order to have a gay marriage, you actually have to be gay? Read the full story


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The case against marriage equality for left-handed people

It’s time patriotic, flag-waving Americans stand up for our God-given right to oppose any minority group that makes us feel slightly uncomfortable.

The time is now to raise arms – and legs – against the moral decay of this once great land. Join me in opposing the misguided policy of marriage equality for left-handed people. Read the full story


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God Issues Defamation & Copyright Cease and Desist

One tragic “unintended consequence” of the DMCA is that it has resulted in a currently unverified premature leak of a document God was planning to reveal to the world.

Or at least to those who had ears to hear.

I can’t say for sure if the following transcript is for real.

Still, I guess this is one of those things. You either believe it or you don’t.

Listen, everybody. Now, I’m a pretty nice person. I mean, there’s no one in this world who is more loving and generous than me! Read the full story


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Maybe the Mayans were right. Religious scholars say gay marriage a sign the end is near.

Experts in ancient Mayan culture recently prophesized that the world would come to a cataclysmic end in 2012, give or take a year or two. They based this on detailed interpretations of the ancient Mayan calendar.

Thanks to President Obama’s shocking revelation last year that he supports the rights of gays and lesbians to marry, these scholars now are even more convinced the Mayans were probably right, even if they were off by a couple years, arguing we’re in the final days before Homoggedon. Read the full story


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Nation’s Horses Demand Right to Marry Owners

LEXINGTON, KY – Following yesterday’s landmark Supreme Court decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, the nation’s horses demanded Thursday the right to marry their owners.

Marriage between members of the Equidae family and homosapiens is not currently recognized by any of the 50 states, though state senators in Alabama are thought to be moving forward with a proposal. Read the full story


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Gays Arguably Wrong, Polygamy/Sex Slavery Right (comic)

If we’re going to attempt to pass legislation based on the Old Testament, why stop at homosexuality. There’s a lot of really interesting stuff in the Old Testament, let’s cling to some of those too.

Sure, the rail against homosexuality continued in the New Testament, but it was only through Paul in Corinthians. That’s one apostle out of twelve. Jesus said nothing on the subject, ten other apostles were likewise silent, and Judas… well, we’re not really supposed to know what he said. Read the full story


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Missouri Hospital To Avoid Discrimination Charge By Canceling All Visitations

Research Medical Center in Kansas City Missouri is making a change to their visitation policies in an effort to avoid appearing discriminatory by eliminating visiting privileges for all patients.

The hospital has recently become the focus of attention by gay rights activists after having the domestic partner of a patient arrested, which is both gay and gaaaay. Read the full story


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Should Gay Marriage Be Allowed Nationwide: Mrp Meh

In case you’re wondering, that’s the sound of someone agreeing… or disagreeing, it doesn’t matter. The line has gotten so muddied that we all might as well be on both sides of the debate.

So should gay marriage be allowed, or should we leave it to they tyranny of individual states to make a majority decision that only affects the narrowest of minority, if not the straight-and-narrowest. Read the full story


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Family Research Council: Maryland Lawyers, Prepare for Divorce Workload

In an email sent to several law firms in Maryland, the Family Research Council (FRC) advised that should the marriage equality referendum pass on November 6th, they will be overrun with requests for divorce from currently married men.

This warning is based on the assumption that there are many married men in Maryland who wish to marry other men as opposed to their current female spouses.

We have not been able to find any statistics from states that have already approved marriage equality to back this up, so we have asked for clarification from the right wing organization. Read the full story


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The Righteous Make Sure Message of Hate Not Lost on Disaster Victims

Andy Wass stands in a rubble pile that was recently his living room and makes stabbing motions at the sky with the pink flyer he holds in his work gloved hand. Andy is laughing. “Says here ‘God punishes Fag Lovers.’ Strange, but I’ve been living around here all my life; no Gay Pride parades yet.”

A short, muscular man of perhaps thirty, Wass lets the paper fall from his hand and looks toward the horizon. In every direction it seems as if the town has been carpet bombed. “I guess they usually stuff their flyers under windshield wipers. My car’s across the street upside down with an oak tree on top of it. So they stuck their paper in what’s left of my kid’s swing set.” Read the full story


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Bachmann Rewrites Wikipedia on The Gays

STILLWATER, MN —EBBQ Asked to respond to Jerry Brown’s earth-shaking revelation that “history should be honest,” in relation to California schools educating students about gay culture, Rep. Bachmann quickly announced that she has just recently become personally involved in rewriting the official gay page on Wikipedia, so it will be correct historically. Read the full story


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LiberTea Federalist Activists Launch the “Its All About Me” Party

A new political entity has formed that intends on usurping the most adamant followers of all other parties into its fold. It is called the “Its All About Me Party” and has astonishingly employed the core instincts and philosophies of all the other recognized political entities.

The I.A.A.M. Party appeals to those who are truly narcissistic- those who are only able to recognize their own needs to the obliviousness of those around them and to those of their own society. Read the full story


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California Goes Green by Harnessing Hatred of Prop 8 Proponents

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California (GLossyNews) — A California scientist has come up with a novel idea: He has learned to harness the hatred of millions of bigoted Californians to create energy and make minorities rich in the process. Doctor Eli Lafitte, a graduate of Grambling State University, and later of UC Berkeley, says he, “has long known about the energy that permeates a room when an African-American or gay person walks in. It is known as hate by gay people and racism by African-Americans. You can definitely feel it and it makes your hair stand on end, just like static electricity. Read the full story


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