Fundi Preachers Scream “Liberal East Coasters” Caused Hurricane Sandy – Fundamentalist preachers have been crowing about how the fury of hurricane Sandy’s was leveled at the upper East Coast because of its sins and its liberal bias regarding the Presidential election.

“The wages of sin is death” was the essential theme of all their ranting. “When you support Sodomites and Gay marriage this is what you get!” said they as well.

RIGHT: Young man holds up a wooden crucifix cross and a red leather bible while yelling in pure fundamentalist anger.

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However when asked about why a hurricane also tore at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, Florida the preachers replied “Ummmmm………….”

Writer’s note- “Ummmm………….” is an only-slightly more intelligent way of saying “Duhhhhhh…………”

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  1. Caught them with the "then explain this", kind of like finding Brian in the back seat of a car with his pants around his ankles. There is no explanation and you really just want to turn around and run.

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